The beautiful Islamic history of Spain

Adesua Emmanuel 23 July


the Giralda of Seville:


since you are still in Seville why not visit the Giralda while you are at it, this beautiful structure was originally a minaret for the Aljama mosque, although it now serves as the bell tower for the Seville cathedral, visit this iconic monument and marvel at its impeccable beauty. It is also a designated UNESCO heritage site.

Now note Seville in Muslim Spain was originally in the territory of the caliphate of Cordoba and then the capital of the taifa of Seville so you can imagine how many historic Islamic monuments can be found in this beautiful city from the Alcazar palace to the Giralda, now another beautiful historical monument is the "Torre Del Oro" meaning the tower of gold, this beautiful monument served as a prison in the middle ages now this beautiful monument is a popular tourist attraction and a beautiful spot to witness a  bit of the history of Spain under Islamic rule.

Also in Seville is the Santa Marie de la Sede Cathedral, this beautiful cathedral is a designated UNESCO site, it is currently one of the biggest gothic cathedrals in the world, originally a mosque, it was rebuilt into a church after the Christian conquest of Seville, this beautiful monument is a popular tourist attraction and it covers a bit of space, so trust me you won’t want to rush your visit to this beautiful cathedral.


Madinat al-Zahra


Since you are in Cordoba and you are In Spain to witness the beauty of monuments of Islamic rule in Spain I would advise you to just move a bit out of Cordoba and visit the ruins of the Madinat al-Zahra.

This beautiful city was built by Abd ar-Rahman, here you would be able to visit several amazing sites such as the ruins of the palaces, the offices of government officials, sprawling gardens and so much more. I assure you this would prove to be a very enjoyable experience and you would marvel at the planning and beauty on display.

Spain is a beautiful country with a diverse past, from the Visigoths who sacked Rome to the Muslims who conquered the Visigoths at the beginning of the eighth century to the Reconquista, Spain has had numerous rulers. This has created a diverse cultural heritage which is an exciting read for all lovers of history. Due to the Islamic conquest of the majority of the Spanish mainland at a point in time, numerous mosques and sites tell the beautiful story of this time in Spanish history. It would be important to note that Spain under Islamic rule was also a centre of knowledge and innovation and it was a golden age of peace and true harmony. This article aims to explore these beautiful sites and provide insight for willing travellers who want to explore the Spanish hinterland.

To all lovers of art and architecture, visits to these beautiful sites is an exciting prospect, from the Alhambra Palace to the Cordoba mosque there are many historical marvels that would provide a unique thrill. note visits to relics of Spain's  Islamic past should start with a visit to the Alhambra would agree with me that even the name Alhambra sounds mythical and exotic and I assure you it is all that and more.


Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba


Another beautiful site depicting the rich Islamic history of Spain while also reflecting the harmony between religions that existed during this time is the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba. This beautiful structure was one of the biggest mosques in the world only dwarfed only by the holy mosque in mecca and the blue mosque in Istanbul.

Its beauty, architecture, and size are very unique and it was built at the height of Islamic rule in the west to reflect impeccable beauty and grandeur, so trust me you are in for an amazing ride.

The harmony that existed between Muslims, Jews, and Christians in this period is also reflected in the architecture. Note it was originally a small Visigoth prayer place that was converted to a mosque and back into a cathedral after it came under Christian rule, nevertheless, this beautiful monument stands as a testament to the beauty and marvel of Islamic architecture and it can be regarded as one of the biggest achievements of Islamic rule in Spain. I also believe a visit to this beautiful cathedral would surely be a very enjoyable experience.




These sites and others would serve as a wonderful attraction for all willing visitors and also at the same time you would be able to learn about the deep Islamic history of Spain. So what are you waiting for, book the travel today and certainly you are in for a whirlwind of pleasurable experiences.



Alhambra “The Red one”:


Alhambra “The Red one” is a fortress complex is located in Granada. It was a small fort built on ruins of a Roman fortification until it was rebuilt by the first ruler of the Nasrid dynasty who built the current palace and added numerous beautiful details, it was then turned into the royal residence due to its strategic position.

The majority of the buildings in this beautiful complex were done by Yusuf I and Mohammed V, however, after the conclusion of the Reconquista, this complex was altered by both the royal court of Ferdinand and Isabella and also by Charles I and V who added other buildings.

There are many beautiful sights in this historical marvel from the Alcazaba and the palaces to the patio of the lions and the hall of the boat to the Comares room and the building of the baths. As you move around exploring the intricate details in this beautiful complex you would be so lost in the beauty all around you, you won't notice as time passes by.


Alcazar of Seville:


Another beautiful tourist attraction in Spain with an Islamic heritage is the Alcazar of Seville. This beautiful and ancient palace was built by the Muslim kings of Moorish Spain.

This architectural masterpiece is considered to be one of the most beautiful palaces in Spain and is a world heritage site as designated by UNESCO. It is still occupied by the Spanish royal family as their official Seville residence which is a testament to its impeccable beauty, for all willing tourists this pearl of a palace is one of the best examples of Mudejar architecture and would be an exciting sight for all lovers of art and beauty.

The Alcazar is filled with beautiful gardens and intricate interior designs and is a beautiful castle that would always take your breath away.