The unmissable places to visit in Peru

Adesua Emmanuel 27 September

One of the biggest countries in southern America, this multicultural wonderland is a very popular tourist hub. the beautiful country of Peru can lay claim to being one of the cradles of civilization, also this land has always been occupied as far back as the 4th Millennia. This beautiful country is also a megadiverse one with a wide array of exotic landscapes. Home to the Inca civilization this beautiful country was colonized by the Spanish who left the imprints of their culture on the land leaving behind a mixed array of cultural influences on their art, food, dressing style and so much more. This article aims to give exposure to this beautiful country and top attractions for tourists who may want to visit. This country offers so many things for visitors and lovers of art, music, architecture, and beauty but its most iconic Attraction point is the Machu Picchu. 


Machu Picchu.


A renowned world heritage site, this Inca citadel which is also one of its most popular monuments, is also considered as one of the new seven wonders of the world. this beautiful monument was built in classical Inca style, this majestic citadel of beauty and architecture is a walled city which is divided into sectors and a lower and upper town. The main archaeological attractions in this beautiful citadel are the Intihuatana, the temple of the sun, and the temple of the three windows. These attractions draw millions of tourists every year and it is accessible through the Inca trail which was left behind by natives of this ancient civilization, it is a series of marks left behind that passes through diverse landscapes which would also expose you to many ancient monuments along the way, with the macho Picchu being the jewel on the crown. 





This beautiful city is the capital of Peru, one of South America's largest and busiest cities. This beautiful city has numerous attractions for visitors apart from its well-preserved city centre and many colonial architectural attractions. This city is the economic, political, and cultural centre of Peru and many of its buildings bear marks of different architectural styles which would provide attractions for lovers of beauty and architecture. 


Top attractions in the city include the beautiful cathedral of Lima, which is dedicated to St John the Apostle and which was built in a specific northern European style. Other attractions include the plaza mayor which is regarded as the historic centre of the city around which many historic masterpieces can be found. Other attractions in this historic city include the Larco Museum which showcases world-class art artefacts from the pre-colonial period which would surely catch the fancy of lovers of art and beauty, you can also check out the Huaca hucllana, if you are an explorer who loves to see excavations and monuments of past civilizations.


 Lovers of beauty should also check out a green reserve, the Parque de la Reserve, which has many attractions, one of which is the largest water fountain complex in the world which are lighted at night by different colours, giving it an exotic look, these with other attractions such as the tunnel of surprises, the children's fountain and the fantasia fountain constitutes the magic water tour. These attractions come with a bustling metropolis where you can find diners that serve the best Peruvian cuisine, clubs that play exotic music, and markets and stalls where you can get souvenirs would ensure you have a wonderful time.





This exotic city is Peru's second-largest city, located high above sea level, the colonial capital of this region, it is surrounded by volcanoes and filled with exotic baroque buildings which are constructed from white volcanic stone which is usually found in the city’s historic centre which stretches over many hectares which are also preserved as a UNESCO heritage site. This city does not hold many Incan monuments save the frozen body of a teenage girl who was sacrificed to the gods. Its major attractions are its historic centre where art styles mix, Spanish architectural masterpieces such as the Santa Catalina Convent, beautiful bridges, and the Plaza de Armas with connections to all parts of the city, where you can visit old stalls, diners, and churches. For people who want to visit the exotic Colca canyon, this city serves as a natural starting point. 


Colca Canyon.



One of Peru’s top tourist attractions, it attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors yearly, created by the Colca river this canyon is one of the deepest in the world. the Colca valley also contains towns and settlements inhabited by people of different cultures who maintain their ancient traditions and continue to farm on their terraces, apart from the artwork, artefacts, and exotic traditions, the colonial towns created by the Spanish people, have beautiful churches and buildings which would excite lovers of art and architecture. In the caves that can be found in the Colca valley,


 you can find paintings, artworks, and carvings which would surely excite you. Other attractions are in the Colca valley are the very exotic animal species such as the Andean condor which can be found here, then you can check out the natural and artificial hot springs which can be found here. Also, the people of the Colca valley are known for their exotic artworks, knitted goods, cloths, and paintings that reflect the artisanship of a particular tribe. There are also cultural festivals for people who want to get to a fun immersion into the culture of other people. You can also explore the most distant source of the amazon river from this valley via a one-day trip.  This in all ensures this valley is an attractive visit prospect for all fun-seeking visitors. Last but not least travel destination would be Cusco.





Once the capital of the Incan empire, this beautiful capital of ruins in the Americas hold numerous attractions for all willing visitor, a cultural landmark it was built by Spanish on ancient Incan ruins and these draw thousands of tourists every year it is also close to the Machu Picchu and the sacred valleys of the Incas. Other attractions include a bubbly market, cultural attractions, the Sacsayhuaman which is an engineering marvel and so much more, a visit would surely leave you with exciting memories you can share.  


This article aims to give an expose into the many beautiful attractions in Peru, although it could not cover every exciting prospect, it does enough to make you want to take that leap and visit, also note Peru is a relatively safe country and if you obey all safety precautions and keep your belongings well you would be fine. So take that leap today and visit Peru, I assure you, you would not regret it.