The Amazing wildlife of Africa

Adesua Emmanuel 23 July

Africa is a beautiful continent filled with warm people, a bubbly culture and amazing sights, wildlife parks. These parks would provide an amazing fun experience for all lovers of beauty and nature. This article was written for all prospective travellers who want to explore the amazing wildlife in this beautiful continent. That’s why we decided to write this article and attempt to guide you and help ensure you have a pleasurable experience.


Serengeti National park:


Another beautiful spot for all lovers of wildlife in the Serengeti National park this wildlife sanctuary found in Tanzania coincidentally is continuous with the Masai Mara park in Kenya. This park contains the largest population of big mammals that roam the earth which is the wildebeest. It also contains the largest population of lions in Africa due to a large prey population. Animals that can also be found in this beautiful sanctuary include reptiles, rare birds, rhinos, honey badgers and so much more.



The Masai Mara National Reserve: 


Now for every prospective traveller to Africa, I am half sure your image of a prospective safari to Africa includes lions in their full pride and the relationship between predators and prey. A popular park that would provide these wonderful sights for all prospective visitors would be the MASAI MARA national reserve in Kenya, this beautiful park also hosts the great migration making it one of the seven natural wonders of Africa and also one of the 10 wonders of the world.

That's crazy, right? i assure you it offers so much more. This beautiful wildlife sanctuary hosts a large population of lions, leopards, cheetahs, and elephants in their natural habitat. It also contains an all year round population of cape buffalos and rhinos which would always provide an amazing view for all willing tourists.

It is a wonderful spot for all lovers of beauty and nature. Visitors can go sight-seeing and enjoy the beauty of nature. They can also take wonderful pictures of these animals in their natural habitat. Other fun activities that are open to visitors include, hot air ballooning, nature walks and cultural experiences involving the Masai people and I assure you a visit to this beauty of a park would always be an enjoyable experience.


the Okavango delta:


Let us move further south and go to Botswana where we can find the Okavango delta. The  Okavango delta is found in northern Botswana. This delta is unique in that it doesn't open to any sea or river and all the water reaching this inland is evaporated in the end. This helps create a unique habitat for wildlife. This delta is one of the seven natural wonders of Africa and it is also a designated UNESCO heritage site.

This beautiful spot is known for its grassy plains which during the rainy season become a beautiful lush animal habitat. It also contains the Moremi game reserve to the central and east areas of this beautiful region. I assure you the wildlife diversity that can be found in this delta is unique and most likely can’t be found anywhere else, from lions to hippos to leopards and giraffes to rare birds your mind would surely be blown away. Also, dugout canoes can be found for all willing tourists who want to ride and navigate past hippos and crocodiles.

Apart from these, there are other fun activities, from boat rides to hiking to open-air car rides to private hunting trips for the opulent, you would surely enjoy your trip.


The Ngorongoro conservation centre:


Another wildlife spot that can be found in this park is the Ngorongoro conservation centre, this centre is a UNESCO heritage site and a protected site. The main feature of this centre is the Ngorongoro crater which classifies as the world's largest inactive and unfilled volcanic caldera. Large biodiversity of wildlife can be found in this conservation centre and I assure you a visit to this conservation centre would take your breath away. The Masai mara park, the Ngorongoro conservation centre, and the Serengeti national park contain the big five in large amounts these are the lion, the leopard, cape buffalos, rhinos and elephants. These animals are a wonderful sight to watch and would always evoke a humbling love and reverence for nature to all visitors.

There are other beautiful animal sightings in these parks, from the graceful gazelle to stripped zebras, therefore, I assure you, you would always be treated to beautiful animal sightings, this and the beautiful African sunset would always create an amazing experience for all viewers.


Othe natural sightseeing spots


other prime examples of beautiful nature spots include the Kruger national park in southern Africa the Zambezi river, the River Nile in Egypt, and also the mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, the Chobe national park in Botswana. These nature spots would surely provide an amazing experience for all visitors. Africa is a large and beautiful continent best seen and experience than reading about and I assure you I cannot discuss its amazing wildlife In just one article.


But I am sure I have shown you enough for you to make that decision today, so if you are looking for a fun holiday spot to unwind and gain a bigger appreciation and love for nature at the same time, I implore you to book that trip to see the amazing wildlife in Africa and you would not be disappointed.


The central Kalahari game reserve:


Another beautiful wildlife spot that can be found in Botswana is the central Kalahari game reserve which has a large number of animals. This ancestral home of the bushmen covers at least 10% of the landmass of Botswana and it is the second-largest game reserve in the world. Animals that can be found in this game reserve include lions, rhinos, zebras impalas, ostriches and so much more. It is also a major revenue-generating spot for the Botswana government. A visit to this wonder of nature would always take your breath away.

To conclude Africa is an especially beautiful continent and it contains many wildlife sanctuaries that would always provide maximum fun for all lovers of nature and for people who love to view wildlife in their natural abode.

Apart from the aforementioned wildlife sanctuaries, nature spots which you can visit include the Victoria Falls, this beautiful marvel of nature are one of the world's largest waterfalls. Here you can play water games, admire the beauty of nature, and also view the amazing wildlife in the sanctuary nearby.