Travel Verse´s mission is to deliver the best-personalized travel experiences to our clients. We take into consideration everything from interests to budget, always keeping in mind the best standards and quality for your trip.

We work efficiently to build lasting relationships as we understand that trust is one of the most valuable rewards we can get from our customers, and hopefully, they are satisfied enough with our services to choose us again. Such a relationship starts from the moment one of our tour representatives answers your queries to the moment you take your flight back home after a satisfying experience. For this reason, you can ensure that your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal information are safe with us.  

Please find our best practices below.


A. Our Privacy Policy:

We never share, sell, store, rent, or lease your personal data to a third-party. This includes personal and financial information, such as debit or credit cards.  

Please keep track of our policies or term conditions for possible updates done in order to meet requirements and standards.  

Please understand that our website does not have control over third-party ad network. You might see some ads of advertising agencies in our domain, and they might collect information about your online activity on and off the site through cookies.


B. Under which circumstances my info can be shared?

Our company reserves the full right to share your data in case of:

• Needing to exercise our rights in case of legal action when required by law or in defense against a legal claim

• Investigating suspected or illegal activities that are unsafe to our company, customers, website, and others within the terms of our agreements.  

Exceptionally in the cases mentioned above, you will be notified and have the chance to decline or accept that other parties have access to your personal information.  


C. How do you protect my Information?

At Travel Verse we understand that online security is a major topic. Even though hackers are everywhere we do everything we can to ensure the highest security standards and your safety, which includes using the best electronic and administrative tools available to date. We have implemented McAfee Security System and their Security Software, which ensures the encryption of your data, additional firewall system, and other intrusion detection methods.  

Finally, only permitted staff will have access to your information, and management of your account will be done only when necessary.  


D. Is the protection extended to external links?  

Our Privacy Policy is applied only to internal links. Please check what other websites' policies are in order to understand how they collect and use your information.