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Qatar Tour

Qatar Stopover Tour 3 Days

Short gateway in Qatar to give you the taste of the Middle East. Visit Doha and enjoy a trip to the desert. Let us show it to you!

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  • Doha
  • Desert Tour

Qatar Tour Package 6 Days / 5 Nights

Let Qatar be part of your relaxing vacations in the Middle East. Visit Doha and enjoy a tour in the desert. Book now!

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Frequently Questions

Citizens from 93 countries do not need a visa to enter Chile for a period of 90 days. Please check with the Chilean Embassy in your country.


The weather in Chile varies from the north to the south; In Santiago summer is from December to March and winter from June to August. Lake District can be visited throughout the year although in winter it can be cold and cruises from Puerto Mont into the inland fjords don’t operate from April until August. If you visit the South the best time if from September to April.  



Do not drink tap water in Mexico as it is not safe. Always drink bottled water.  


No specific vaccination is required prior to travelling to Mexico, but you can always consult your physician. Mosquitoes on the other hand can be a problem in Mexico, and some can transmit Zika or Dengue, so remember to use repellents and take precautions against it. Diarrhoea is another common problem reported by travellers so if you have a sensitive stomach stay away from street food stalls.