Must See Attractions of India

Adesua Emmanuel 21 July

Few countries in the world boast of a rich cultural heritage and a deep history filled with stories of splendour that would inspire marvel. Beautiful landscapes, people with warm personalities and a large array of historical sites and amazing spots that would surely give you a once in a lifetime experience like India. India boasts of 38 world heritage sites as designated by UNESCO and they provide a variety of options for intending visitors.

India receives millions of visitors yearly and it’s very important for intending visitors to plan to have an enjoyable experience and to ensure they don’t become overwhelmed by the fun this beautiful nation offers. This is why I made a list of top activities to do in India and also give an insight into the major attractions this beautiful country offers.




The Ganges River is sacred and is very important to adherents of the Hindu religion they travel there to purify their souls It is such a powerful hub of religious and cultural activities, to people who are not Hindu adherents it offers a wide array of fun activities that would surely give visitors an amazing experience.

From the dawn boat tours of Varanasi ( the oldest city in India) to visits to the delectable Brijrama palace and back to experiencing the GANGA AARTI a fire offering ceremony to the goddess of the river which takes place every evening at the banks of this beautiful river, you would always be busy taking in the splendour and rich history of this ancient site that you would not notice as time passes by.




This monument of inestimable beauty is India’s most iconic symbol and perhaps the world most famous monument. One of the new 7 wonders of the world, it also has a wonderful back story it was built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan to house the tomb of his favourite wife Mumtaz Mahal. It also houses the tomb of the emperor, filled with many splendid sites and adorned with precious stones and gems, it’s most spectacular feature is the marble dome that lies above the tomb. The Taj Mahal also boasts of a wonderful garden which would surely provide every visitor with a wonderful experience. Travel to this eternal monument to love and romance should be on every traveller’s list.




Travel to the Ranthambore national park


This national park was named after the historic Ranthambore Fort which is found inside the park. This fort was built in the 10th century and towers over the entire park area. Inside the fort are three stone temples which are dedicated to Ganesh, Shiva and Ramalaji.

This nature park which is famous for its Bengal tigers, allows visitors to watch them live in their natural habitat. This wildlife sanctuary also has a wide variety of animals ranging from tigers to leopards, boars, striped hyenas and so much more. It features include an expansive forest, safari rides and the beautiful lake (the lake Padam Talao.) These and many more are sure to provide a wonderful experience to all nature lovers who visit this park.


Travel to Rajasthan


The province of Rajasthan provides the traveller with an insight into the lives of traditional Indians, from opulent palaces to majestic hill forts many of which are designated historic sites, this is a region filled with camels and beautiful landscapes which would always leave you asking for more. You can also travel to the city palace in Udaipur and have a glance at the beauty and splendour of this marvel of architecture.

Built on top a hill it offers a panoramic view of the city and surroundings, it is also not far from historic monuments such as the jag mandir, monsoon palace, the Jagdish temple and the lake palace and would surely provide you with a wonderful experience.


The beautiful southern beaches


The southern regions of India are filled with beautiful beaches which have a pristine atmosphere and would surely provide every visitor with a wonderful experience. Popular beach destinations are in the state of Goa but there are other remote beaches would surely provide every visitor with a unique experience. Another fun activity for any visitor into India which would surely blow your mind away would be the exploration of the beautiful temples that adorn the landscape of this breath-taking country.


From the Akshardham in Delhi to the Ranakpur jain temple in Ranakpur these marvels tell the stories of hallowed practices that have stood for hundreds of years, these architectural masterpieces would always leave you in awe. Also, India offers a unique mix of culture, traditions and religions and some of the world most colourful festivals are celebrated here, from the HOLI to the DIWALI celebration or the DUSSEHRA, participation in these festivals would always leave you with a sense of thrill and excitement that you can’t find anywhere else. India is a nation of endless possibilities and would always offer you so much beauty that is better experienced than imagined.


From the ever warm personalities of her people to the wonderful cuisines this land has to offer, visits to beautiful historical sites where you would stand and watch with reverence the spiritual fervour of its people and also you can also plan an exploration into her forests and have a beautiful view of her wildlife, her tigers and other rare species. You can plan boat trips along its holy rivers and party in its bubbly beaches and enjoy movies in its cinemas, all in all, vacation in India offers you a unique travel experience that is far from the norm and would surely leave you wanting for more, so what are you waiting for, book a journey into this ancient civilization with a storied history filled wither famous people and mythical figures and I assure you, you are about to embark on an enjoyable that would be the envy of all who hear you talk about it.