Best things to do In Athens

Adesua Emmanuel 25 July


Athens is an ancient civilization with a famed past and a rich and diverse cultural background. It was one of the biggest city-states of Greece at the height of that civilization. We also may have heard of historical figures such as the physician Hippocrates, philosophers Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, and the sculptor Phidias, these are famous Athenians whose lives tell the stories of a historical city.

This city presents a unique mix of ancient and modern civilizations and offers a unique experience you can’t find anywhere else. For lovers of Greek mythology, visit this ancient civilization would be an enjoyable experience.

Now to ensure you have an enjoyable experience you would need to plan your trip and for that reason, this article would list out some activities every visitor to Athens should partake in.


Visit the Acropolis:


First, every visit to Athens should start with a visit to the Acropolis which is a beautiful monument of an ancient civilization.

Found on-top a hill and has existed for thousands of years you would surely be dazzled by the beautiful view of the city you get from here, also for lovers of the ways of the ancient Greek civilization, this visit to this ancient site that contains monuments such as the Parthenon (An ancient temple to the goddess Athena the patron of this beautiful city)  the propylaea, the Erechtheion and so much more would provide a thrill that would not be forgotten in a long time. hbFor average travellers who are not so Enamoured with the ancient Greek civilization, the beauty of this historic site would still provide a uniquely enjoyable experience.

Imagine visiting this beautiful ancient site and coming down and not very far off you enter the beautiful neighbourhood of Plaka which gives off a homely feel, it is lined with shops selling local art products, clothes and so much more and moving around you get the feeling that you are in for an enjoyable experience add to that family-run taverns and cafes which would provide you with the best available local dishes and drinks you would surely know at that point you are in for a bomb experience.



The Cine Paris Theater:


Another side attraction would be the cine Paris which shows classic movies to all interested viewers. Inside this beautiful neighbourhood, there are also many ancient sites, museums and so much more which would surely tickle the fancy of any willing traveller.

Also for lovers of Greek mythology, travel to the ancient temple of Poseidon is an exciting prospect. Enter this ancient temple dedicated to the sea god and marvel at this architectural masterpiece built by Athenians to honour the trident god and to guide sailors home also, It is a decent sight so take some nice memorable pictures while you are at it.


Athens National Gardens:  


Another fun place to visit would be the national gardens, lying serenely in the heart of Athens, this beautiful park was commissioned in the year 1840 and contains beautiful ponds, paths as well as a well-kept zoo with exotic animals, for anybody who wants to enjoy a picnic in a beautiful environment or who simply wants to bask in the beauty nature provides, this is an ideal spot.

Another important spot for lovers of art and beauty is the National Archaeological Museum, situated in the Exarcheia area in central Athens. This museum houses some very important artifacts from different periods in Greece’s history. It is considered one of the world's greatest museums and visitors would be thrilled with the thousands of Greek artifacts on display and the beauty all around them.



The Monastiraki Neighbourhood:


There are many attractions in Athens but a visit to Athens would not be complete without a visit to the bubbly Monastiraki neighbourhood, this fun neighbourhood has many iconic landmarks such as the ruins of Hadrian’s garden, the ancient Agora and the rebuilt Stoa of Attalos and a museum displaying Athenian artifacts.


But the major attraction to this neighbourhood is the Flea market which is filled with souvenir shops, boutiques, speciality shops and so much more. This neighbourhood is a very popular spot for tourists, you can simply walk around and enjoy the beauty all around you, it is also a very good spot for bargain shopping, so you know? Win-win.


Athens is a beautiful city and an ancient civilization it offers a unique mix of modern and ancient beauties that would always tickle the fancy of tourists. Other beautiful spots in this wonderful city include the syntagma square, the temple of Hephaestus, the museum of Cycladic art and so much more.


Lycabettus Hil:


For fitness lovers who love the serenity, nature provides a hike up a forested slope to one of the highest peaks in Athens ( Lycabettus Hill) can provide a truly enjoyable experience  

At the peak, you are treated to a truly beautiful view of the whole city and you get the feeling that your walk was truly worth it.

There are also many side attractions at the peak that you simply can’t afford to miss.

From the beautiful whitewashed church called St. Georges to a beautiful restaurant the Orizontes inside which you would find a truly mesmerizing terrace.

The Lycabettus open-air theatre built on another part of the hill also offers fun concerts.

These attractions and many more would surely provide all visitors to this beautiful hill with a fun-filled experience that would not be quickly forgotten.




Athens is a wonderfully crafted city and for all willing travellers, this city would thrill to no end. Also for lovers of the Greek civilization, Athens provides a wealth of iconic monuments and beauty spots that you cannot get tired of exploring.

People say in Athens, every street, every corner, every region holds a famed past and tells a beautiful story and you would always find something to explore.

Of course, that is a bit exaggerated and it is just a traveller’s tale, but to an extent, Athens offers you endless possibilities and moving through this ancient city and exploring its ancient and famed grounds you get a unique sense of reverence, the type you get walking on ancient grounds and I assure you the kind of thrill Athens provides cannot be found anywhere else. So what are you waiting for, book that trip today and I assure you, you are in for a truly memorable experience.