Kenya's Amazing Safaris

6 August


The Tsavo National Park


The Tsavo National Park found in the coast province of Kenya and cover over 9000 sq kilometres this popular nature reserve which together with the TSAVO EAST NATIONAL PARK and surrounding ranches make up the TSAVO CONSERVATION AREA, this popular destination boasts of varied wildlife, a beautiful rhino reserve, and other side attractions include rock climbing, guided walks and so much more which would always provide a beautiful thrill for all involved. Animal populations in this park include eastern black rhinoceros, Hippotamus, lion, leopard, elephants and Cape buffalos and so much more. Another wonderful attraction that must be mentioned is the lake Nakuru conservation park, lies in the rift valley of Kenya, this park boasts a beautiful rhinoceros population. It is also particularly famous for being home to the greatest bird spectacle on planet earth, myriads of Fuschia of pink flamingoes numbering up to millions, these beautiful animals feed on the abundant algae population. Kenya is a beautiful nation filled with numerous and beautiful animal populations which would always provide a unique sense of thrill and excitement for all lovers of nature. There are many parks and conservation sites which would always provide a sense of beauty and wonderment on all visitors, some of these parks have been examined in this article and there are many more spots for lovers of nature to explore.


Nairobi national park


Another beautiful safari attraction that would provide a wonderful sighting of Kenya's diverse and beautiful wildlife in the Nairobi national park, boasting diverse and varied wildlife and perhaps one of Kenya's most successful Rhinoceros sanctuaries which would provide excellent viewings for all visitors. Built with human visitors in mind, it was created to create a perfect synergy between humans, nature, and tourism as a profit-driving enterprise. It also hosts the migration of wild herbivore populations. There are guided tours and video shows which would surely provide a unique fun experience for all involved.  

Note Kenya offers diverse spots for lovers of wildlife to view different animal population in their splendour, for animal and nature enthusiasts who would love to view different animal populations there are different wildlife parks which would always provide a beautiful viewing for all who are interested. From the Tsavo west national park to the Meru and lake Nakuru parks, these parks boost of a healthy population of white and black rhinos for everybody interested. Also, lake Nakuru national park especially boosts a healthy flamingo population for lovers of nature and birds. Parks like the Samburu- buffalo springs boost of a different and more diverse population of animals, from grazers such as the Beisa oryx, lesser kudu, and the unique long-necked gerenuk and the zebra, you can also view endangered species such as the Grevy’s zebra and so much more.

These beautiful animal populations would always evoke a sense of beauty and wonder in all nature visitors who are involved. Kenya boasts of a beautiful and diverse bird population that would always provide a unique thrill for all bird lovers and all involved. Kenya ranks among the top 15 countries in avian diversity so you can rest assured you are in for a splendid time. It also boasts of a diverse and beautiful marine wildlife.

This article has aimed to give an insight into the beauty which Kenya offers for all viewers and to encourage all prospective visitors to pack their travelling bags and book that safari tour today and enjoy a safari ride of a lifetime to a picturesque nation.


Amboseli National Park:


Another beautiful nature attraction in this wonderful country is the Amboseli National Park, this park is famous for being the best place in the world to watch elephants living in their natural habitat in close quarters. This beautiful park was home to perhaps the most researched elephant Echo which was subject to many documentaries. This beautiful park is one of the best spots to view wildlife in full glory. Animals in this natural reserve include African bush elephant, cape buffalo, impala lion, cheetah, spotted hyena, Masai giraffe, Grant’s zebra and so much more. This beautiful natural reserve would always evoke marvel from all visitors. 


Kenya is a beautiful and historic country filled with warm people. No country has a deeper connection with safari as Kenya thereby evoking a beautiful sense of marvel and adventure. This country has a large number of safari parks and animal reserves that ensure all lovers of nature, animal and beauty would have a wonderful time.  A list of national parks that would ensure you have a wonderful experience is The Nairobi national park, the Masai Mara national reserve, Lake Nakuru National park, Mount Kenya national park, Samburu-buffalo springs, Tsavo National parks and many more. These parks would surely provide a beautiful nature viewing for all visitors and you can be sure these parks are home to most or all of the big five which are the lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, and rhino. These animals are called the big five because they reportedly caused more grief for the safari hunter of old. This article aims to explore Kenya and help give an insight into its wonderful wildlife and the parks where you can enjoy this wildlife in full glory.



Masai Mara National Park:


We would start with the MASAI MARA NATIONAL PARK. Easily one of the top 5 safari attractions in Africa, if you browse the word safari on the net, it is very likely, the picture you would see is a picture of this beautiful splendour of nature. One of the seven natural wonders of Africa and one of the ten wonders of the world, this beautiful national park is named after the Masai people of Kenya it is also contiguous with the Serengeti national park in Tanzania. This beautiful park also hosts the great migration and It would always provide sightings of the big five in all of their glory to all animal lovers who visit. It also offers side attractions such as hiking, photo sessions, open-air car rides and so much more which would surely create a wonderful time for all involved.