The Amazing wildlife of India

Adesua Emmanuel 18 August


Mahatma Gandhi national park.


Found near wandoor on the Andaman Islands and under the control of the South Andaman administrative district. This beautiful park is famous for being home to beautiful coral reefs, colourful schools of fishes, and a popular destination for all lovers of water games like scuba diving. This popular national park was established in 1983 and was built to protect the marine population in this region. These animals range from different species of fishes and turtles and it boasts good marine diversity.  It is also blessed with many islands, pristine beaches, and beautiful and pearly coasts and for all lovers of marine life and beauty, this makes it a prime travel destination.  


India is an exotic country blessed with huge biodiversity and its wonderful parks make it possible for all lovers of marine animals, fishes, mammals, and predators to explore and view them in their natural habitat creating a profound exotic experience for all nature lovers. This article aims to give a wonderful peek into these sights and encourage you to book that trip now and be rest assured you are in for a wonderful time filled with beautiful nature sightings that would make your tales the envy of all who hear them.


Kaziranga national park


Another popular national park would be the Kaziranga national park, found in Golaghat, Karbi Anglong, and Nagoon districts in the state of Assam, India. This wildlife sanctuary which also doubles as a world heritage site hosts about two-thirds of the world’s great one-horned rhinoceroses. Established in 1905 this park also boasts a huge population of tigers and is a designated tiger reserve, this park also boasts a huge population of elephants, wild water buffalo, and swamp deer. There is also a good population of herbivores in this beautiful park. It also boasts huge biodiversity and is a wonderful spot for all lovers of nature and wildlife. Its landscape ranges from forests to marshland to grasslands. This beautiful park is blessed with major rivers and small bodies of water making this a beautiful marvel of nature.


Satpura national park


Moving on we would draw the searchlight on the popular Satpura national park. Rich in biodiversity and a beautiful natural hotspot filled with a huge number of animals, plants, and blessed with huge wildlife diversity. A designated tiger reserve, this park terrain ranges from sandstone peaks, narrow gorges, and dense forests. Animals that can be found here include leopard, sambar, chital, Indian Muntjac, and many more. This beautiful park also boasts a huge avian diversity. Other attractions in this country include the popular Pandav caves, Dhoopgarh peak, the bee falls, Denwa backwaters, Shri Nagdwar Swami temple, and rock paintings. This and many other attractions ensure every visitor has a wonderful time.  



India is a large beautiful country in southern Asia, blessed with rich biodiversity and classified as a megadiverse country due to its high biological diversity. Blessed with many species some of which are completely indigenous to this country. It also has a huge forest cover and a wide range of landscapes. This country is also blessed with some beautiful national parks with their unique perks and beauty. This article aims to explore these national parks and show why all lovers of nature, wildlife, and beauty should consider a visit to these parks.


Nagarhole national park


Widely regarded as one of India's premier tiger reserve this beautiful park has within it beautiful animals such as the Rare Bengal tiger, the Indian leopard, sloth bear, and the striped hyena. This park is located 93km away from Mysore and it is located between the Mysore and Kodagu region. It has rich forest cover, little streams, valleys, and waterfalls and is blessed with a healthy prey population. This park is also blessed with a healthy population of elephants and jungle Bison and this presents a huge opportunity for all lovers of wildlife to view these animals in their natural habitat. Apart from this, this park is also blessed with a healthy population of mammals and also boasts a healthy bird population. The Jenu Kurubas are also native to this forest and consider this forest their mother deity demonstrating huge knowledge of its plants and animals and living in harmony with this forest. Although in recent times there have been relocation activities aimed at them.  


Hemis national park.


This beautiful park is unique for being a high altitude national park found in the eastern Ladakh union territory of India.  This beautiful park is especially famous for its high density of snow leopards. It is also the largest notified protected area in India. This beautiful wildlife sanctuary is also home to a diverse population of endangered mammals. Its terrain is filled with mountains, ravines, and gorges. This beautiful park is also a popular tourist attraction for all lovers of beauty, nature, and wildlife. Apart from the wildlife attractions for tourists to these parks, other attractions would be the Hemis festival in the nearby Hemis monastery. In recent times there have been conservation activities to protect the endangered animal population and to improve the synergy between pastoralists who live inside the park and the animal population. The last popular animal resort we would discuss would be the exotic Matma Gandhi national park.



Keoladeo national park


Moving on to another popular wildlife sanctuary. We would talk about the exotic Keoladeo national park, located in the exotic state of Rajasthan, it serves as an important watering ground for the Palaearctic migratory waterfowl and it is renowned for its large population of non-migratory birds. A famous spot renowned for its avian diversity, this park hosts thousands of birds during the winter season. A world heritage site and popular tourist attraction. It receives a large number of tourists and bird lovers during its prime season. It is regarded as one of the world's best bird areas. It is also a man-made wetland and one of India’s popular tourist attractions and wildlife hotspot for bird lovers due to its huge avian diversity.