Unmissable treasures of the middle east

13 August


From the wonders of Egypt to the modern beauties of Dubai. The middle east offers many amazing pleasures for lovers of art, beauty, and nature. For everyone who wants to have an amazing time in a popular region with a deep and beautiful history, you must consider a visit to the middle east. This region is filled with multicultural cities, beautiful hotels, historic monuments and so much more. This article aims to provide insight into beautiful travel destinations for every willing tourist.  




Our excursion into this region would start from the cradle of civilization, the beautiful and ancient country of Egypt. Many historic sites in this country would always catch the fancy of all lovers of history and splendour, from the great pyramids in Giza, to the valley of kings to the expansive and historic Egyptian museum, Karnak, Luxor, and many other beautiful attractions.  This country is surely a paradise for all lovers of art and history. We would provide an insight into two different attractions in this country and show you why you should visit this beautiful country.  Let's start with the Giza necropolis, if you have ever seen a postcard of Egypt, I'm half sure they have on them a picture of these pyramids. These pyramids were listed as one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Their grandeur and beauty are best seen than imagined and they are architectural marvels that would surely hold whoever sees them in awe.  In this necropolis there are three great pyramids, their associated pyramid complexes and the great sphinx of Giza, in this beautiful complex, there are ancient ruins of cemeteries and the remains of a worker's village. Also, the valley of the kings contains tombs of popular pharaohs, nobles, and queens of ancient Egypt and for tourists with a sense of adventure and curiosity, this is a perfect destination.  


The middle east is a beautiful region and a tourist paradise blessed with a deep past, exotic beauties, ancient ruins, nature attractions, and possess a unique mix of ancient and modern attractions that would ensure all visitors have a wonderful time. This region is also blessed with a beautiful sunny climate which would ensure if your trip is well planned you are surely in for a treat. 




Moving we would give an insight into Jordan. The middle east has shown us as a region that it is blessed with a rich and diverse history and it is filled with many well preserved ancient ruins but Jordan as a nation takes this to another level. From the ancient city of Petra to the treasury, the well preserved Roman theatre and the Al-siq. This country offers us ruins which would evoke marvel and reverence in all who view them and if you want a novel desert experience you should also visit the magic Bedouin star and enjoy a night of splendour and fun under the starry desert skies.  




Oman is a beautiful country in the middle east that is blessed with a rich powerful and interesting past. A paradise for lovers of water games, this beautiful country is blessed with clear beautiful coasts, wonderful people, delicious cuisines, and wonderful modern sights which would surely ensure you have a wonderful time. From the beautiful ground palace to the Bahla and Nizwa forts, there is always a unique mix of modern and ancient beauties for all lovers of beauty and history. While here you should try out diving, snorkelling, parasailing and you should take a dhow trip along Oman’s ancient coastlines, after all this country has a deep link to the ocean and according to folktales is the origin of the mythical sailor Sinbad. The coasts of Oman are also blessed with many exotic marine animals, from beautiful dolphins to elegant turtles and a scuba diving adventure along its coral reefs would expose you to these beauties. So what are you waiting to explore Oman's expansive coasts and I assure you, you are in for a wonderful time. 




Last but not least we would explore morocco. This beautiful northern African country is blessed with beautiful cities, popular markets, beautiful falls, and parks and is a tourist paradise. From the beautiful Hassan II mosque which also doubles as the biggest functioning mosque in Africa and the seventh-largest in the world, it also has the world's second-largest minaret and is surely a work of beauty and would surely evoke marvel and reverence in all who views it. Other popular attractions include the beautiful city of Marrakesh with all of its wonders and attractions, the Jardin Majorelle (which is a beautiful garden filled with exotic plants and other attractions) the Bahia palace complex which is a beautiful 19th-century palace complex, the Koutoubia an ancient 12th-century mosque and the popular Ouzoud falls. A visit to this country would allow you to get acquainted with these attractions and have a wonderful time, so what are you waiting for a book that trip to this exotic paradise and you are surely guaranteed a good time. 




Moving on to another beautiful country which would surely catch the fancy of willing tourists, we would talk on the beautiful and warm country of Lebanon. From the scenic valley of Kadisha to the popular Mzaar ski resort, the ancient ruins of the temple to Bacchus, and the national museum of Beirut, there are numerous attractions for all lovers of art, nature, scenery, and history and there is surely something for all involved. This country has suffered unrest and terrorist attacks and so much more but it surely still retains its artistic appeal. Lovers of art and history should spare a visit to the national museum which has more than 100000 objects detailing and has on exhibition more than 1300 artifacts on display detailing the rich and deep history of this region. This country also has a wide array of beautiful beaches, hotels, resorts, and popular restaurants where you can enjoy delicious cuisines and get exposed to the modern attractions this country has to offer.