The Best places to visit in Africa

Adesua Emmanuel 18 August


One of the most diverse and multicultural continents in the world. Africa is a very beautiful and good travel destination, from beautiful beaches to exotic safaris, you would surely be blessed with a wealth of fun experiences if you decide to make the journey to this beautiful continent. For all lovers of fun, beauty, nature, culture, and art, there is surely something for you. This article would explore 10 countries that would surely provide a blissful experience for all visitors.






A great travel spot blessed with wonderful attractions and great safari destinations, Botswana is a great vacation destination. Attractions in this beautiful country include popular wildlife sanctuaries such as the Chobe national park, the central Kalahari game reserve. World heritage sites such as the Tsodilo hills where you can explore ancient rock art and you can move around and also view the culture and way of life of the San people. These paintings have existed for thousands of years. In the Okavango Delta, you can explore the beautiful scenery and water, go canoeing and see crocodiles and other animals up close, you can also play multiple water games in this area. There are also numerous reserves for lodging in these beautiful natural attractions.




This beautiful island is a paradise for lovers of nature and beauty. From the exotic Jozani forest which is blessed with beautiful trails and exotic and rare animals such as the Zanzibar red colobus, bush babies, and Sykes monkey, marine attractions include beautiful dolphins and sharks. This country is also blessed with a large amount of scenic marine resorts that would surely blow your mind away, from the jambiani beach to the popular change island. You are blessed with so much beauty, you cannot but marvel, lovers of water games such as scuba diving, snorkelling and rafting should also visit the Mnemba island and I am sure you would have a wonderful time.




The most iconic safari destination, the name Kenya is synonymous with safari trips, blessed with exotic national wildlife parks, beautiful sceneries, and iconic mountain peaks. From the beautiful mountain Kenya which is blessed with beautiful trails and camping spots to the beautiful Masai Mara national park which is the site of the great migration, therefore debuting as one of the seven natural wonders of Africa. This beautiful park is also blessed with a large prey and predator population and for all lovers of wildlife, you would surely be blessed to witness majestic animals such as the rhinoceros, the lion, African bush elephant and so much more in their natural habitat. There are also many other wildlife sanctuaries that would surely catch your fancy. For bird lovers, there are many exotic spots where you can see beautiful birds such as the lake Nakuru. For culture and history enthusiasts, exploring the Gede ruins in Watamu is an exciting prospect. You should also check out the island of Lamu if you want premium relaxation in a beautiful marine environment.  





This picturesque country has numerous attractions for lovers of beauty and nature. It is also perfect for a personal nature retreat, from the beautiful Afriski mountain resort to the popular maletsunyane falls there are diverse attractions for all willing visitors. You can plan and enjoy ski trips and visit the beautiful maloti mountains and enjoy beautiful sceneries and view wildlife in their natural habitat.


There are also numerous wildlife resorts for all who are interested, from the sehlabathebe national park to the scenic Ts’enhlanyane national park.  These parks would ensure you have a wonderful time.




Reeling from the aftermath of unrest and genocide, this beautiful country has done much to rebuild itself and to expose the beautiful parts of itself to visitors, known as the land of a thousand hills. This beautiful country is blessed with wonderful attractions such as the volcanoes national park, the nyungwe forest national park, mount karisimbi and so much more. This beautiful country is blessed with exotic sceneries, wonderful trails and can also enjoy water games at the lake rivu. The volcanoes national park is especially blessed with many wildlife attractions such as the rare mountain gorilla or the exotic golden monkey.  A visit to Africa would not be complete without a visit to the cradle of civilization. The beautiful country of Egypt.





Home to one of the world's oldest civilizations and a people who were at the forefront of many inventions, from writing to the world first printing press. This beautiful country is a paradise for all lovers of art, history, and culture. It is also blessed with many beautiful hiking spots. Top attractions in this country are the Giza necropolis, the valley of kings, the exotic Egyptian museum which is filled with rare antiquities, the Luxor temple, and finally the Karnak temple complex.  


Reunion island:


This beautiful island is a small paradise for all lovers of nature and fun, one of its major attraction is the active volcano Piton de la fournaise, this marvellous attraction is blessed with hiking trails and beautiful sceneries. This country is especially blessed with many beautiful hiking trails such as the Mafate mountain to the Piton des Neiges. For all lovers of art, history, and culture you can explore the food, languages, and festivals that abound on this island and I am sure you would have a wonderful time.




an old and historic country which is blessed with many centres of Islamic learning and traditions, this beautiful country has many old and historic sites and is a beautiful travel destination for lovers of tradition, culture, and history. This beautiful country has a unique feel to it and feels like a mix of Europe and Africa due to its close proximity to Europe. All visitors should explore ancient the ancient cities such as Marrakesh and fez, visit its historic palaces, mosques, and quarters such as the Djemma El Fna market which is found in the medina quarter.  Here you can enjoy shopping for a wide array of items, you can also enjoy authentic Morrocan cuisine, other attractions in Marrakesh include Ait Benhaddou where you can explore the culture of the people.