Must See Places to Visit in Dubai

21 July

Set under the beautiful Arabian sky of the united Arabian emirates, DUBAI which is the most populous city in the UAE is a place of unimaginable beauty, a city filled with beautiful high risen buildings, well-planned streets and wonderful attractions such as the Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, the Dubai mall, palm islands and so much more. Dubai offers a unique holiday experience filled with pleasurable rides, beautiful adventures, and a shopping experience that would always leave you wanting for more. This city offers a unique mix of modern and traditional beauty while boasting a wondrous cultural heritage that cannot be found anywhere else.

I believe as a casual unseasoned traveller or a first-time visitor of Dubai, you would need information on the best things to do in Dubai so as not to be overwhelmed and so you can have an amazing experience in this beautiful city. This is why we have compiled a list of the best things to do in this pearl of a city. Let us take a look at the major attractions and highlights in Dubai: that will surely be worth you while


The Burj Khalifa


The Burj Khalifa was opened in 2010 as part of a development plan known as Downtown Dubai. With a total height of 829.2m, this building since its completion in 2009 has been the tallest structure and building in the world. This building is an architectural masterpiece and a thing of marvel, its design is derived from traditional Islamic architecture. The interior of this masterpiece is adorned with more than 1000 pieces of art, while specifically in the residential lobby, the works of the esteemed Spanish artist Jaume plans is displayed.

Features of this beautiful building include 


The Dubai fountain


This marvel which costs more than 200 million dollars to construct is 270m long and shoots water into the air as high as 150m, this accompanied with a range of classical and contemporary Arabic music in the background creates a splendid scenery and ensures you have a once in a lifetime experience. It also boasts the record of being the world's second-largest choreographed fountain among Other features including: 


An observation deck


This deck which was opened on the 124th floor was the highest observatory when it opened it boasts an electronic telescope a beautiful augmented reality device that allows visitors to view the awesome landscape of Dubai and which would surely ensure you have a wonderful experience.


The Burj khalifa park


This park of absolute marvel and beauty was designed based on the flower of hemerocallis which is a desert plant. The major attraction in this place of beauty is the water room which is a series of pools and water jet fountains. A ride in this park would leave you wanting for more. Another major attraction in Dubai which can also provide a wonderful shopping experience is the Dubai Mall.


The Dubai Mall


This mall which is the second-largest shopping mall in the world by total land area attracts more than fifty million visitors every year and in the year 2011, it ranked as the most visited building in the world. This is a testament to its beauty and splendour, major attractions in this mall include a beautiful aquarium and underwater zoo. This aquarium showcases more than 300 species of marine animals, it also boasts a wide array of wonderful amusement games and rides which would provide a wondrous experience to all visitors. This mall also has a reel cinema which has a 22 screen cinema which would surely provide a wonderful cinematic experience.

Other attractions in this mall include a rainforest café, a thematically created haunted house, a dinosaur fossil, the Dubai creek tower replica, and an interactive children sized entertainment park which would surely provide a once in a lifetime experience for the kids and would leave them wanting for more. Another attraction which can be found in this beautiful city is the Dubai museum, which we will be talking about next.


The Dubai Museum


The Dubai museum is located in the Al Fahidi Fort which was built in 1787 and is considered to be the oldest building in Dubai. This museum offers a unique insight into the unique and beautiful history of Dubai, it was opened in 1971 to showcase the traditional way of life in the emirate of Dubai to visitors while still providing a unique experience.

From the moment you enter the fort, you are let in into a wholesome experience giving you an insight into the traditional way of life of people in the emirate, there is a path to the galleries which contain local artifacts, antiques, as well as artworks from Asian and African countries that have been traded with Dubai, amongst which are Several dioramas depicting life in the emirate before the discovery of oil. This museum gets hundreds of thousands of visitors yearly.


Lego Land Dubai


Another attraction that can provide a great family travel experience for families with children is Legoland Dubai. This beautiful attraction would be so much fun for children it offers a fully featured amusement park that provides a wide array of rides, shows restaurant games and other entertainment options 

For families with toddlers who want to enjoy a special day and still give their children a wonderful experience, they would never forget. Legoland Dubai is the perfect destination and it would surely leave you wanting for more. Other attractions in this beautiful city include the Palm Jumeirah, the palm islands, Dubai marina, ski Dubai, the Dubai fountain and so much more all of which are designed to give you a once in a lifetime experience.


Rounding up


A visit to Dubai would give you a beautiful experience and is designed to appeal to your sense of marvel and beauty from a first time experience of the Arabian culture, their hospitality and have a glimpse into a beautiful city well-crafted and made of a mix of modernity and traditional Arabian beauty. Travel to Dubai is sure to be a wonderful opportunity and offers a unique wonderful travel experience.