Must see Easter Vacation Destenations

Adesua Emmanuel 13 August

Easter is a big celebration in the Christendom; it starts on Easter Sunday, the last day of the Easter Triduum, it is a celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. People try as much as possible to enjoy this period by making bunnies and having exotic picnics. This article aims to give a brief introduction to different travel destinations for lovers of fun and beauty to travel to during the Easter period, so what is the delay let's jump right in, we would start with Thailand.




Thailand is a beautiful tropical paradise found in  Southeast Asia, a beautiful and ancient culture with a rich and diverse historical heritage, it has Bangkok as its capital city and it is bordered to the north by Myanmar and Laos and to the east by Laos and Cambodia and to the south by the Gulf of Thailand and Malaysia and to the west by Andaman sea. This country has a history of unrest and consecutive change of governments and is a tropical country with three distinct seasons, a hot season from around march to mid-May, a rainy season which runs from mid-May to October and a dry and relatively cool season from November to February. There are many beautiful attractions in this country, for all Easter lovers seeking a novel fun experience, they should consider visiting one of these top attractions in Thailand.  The first, the grand palace. This beautiful complex can be found in the heart of Bangkok, a monument to architecture and beauty. It has been the residence of the kings of Thailand since 1782 until recently. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Thailand and it contains numerous buildings these buildings are beautiful attractions for all lovers of art and beauty, these buildings are built in a unique style and they include the temple of the emerald Buddha and museum of the emerald Buddha temple and so much more.  

Inside this museum, you can find a varied number of artifacts that would surely evoke a sense of beauty and marvel. A visit to this beautiful building complex would surely be a once in a lifetime experience.  


Another beautiful tourist attraction in Thailand would be the pearly and beautiful Railay beach. This beautiful beach would be a fun attraction for all lovers of hiking, mountain climbing, and beauty. Only accessible by boat its cliff attracts rock climbers from all over the world and it is also a perfect fit for a family vacation. With its beautiful and relaxing environment and pearly beaches, they would ensure all visitors have an especially good time.  It is safe to visit the popular tourist spots in Thailand but it is important to avoid all armed confrontations and to obey all rules. Without much ado, we move on to Bolivia.




This beautiful country in Central America whose capital is Sucre is somewhat safe for travellers, cheap and easily accessed, it has many famous sites and is especially famous for its breathtaking salt flats, with a diverse climate and landscape ranging from the Andes mountain to the Atacama Desert to the expansive Amazon forest. Major attractions include the Uyuni salt flat and the Laguna Colorado. The Salar de Uyuni is the world's largest salt flat, found amid the Andes in southwestern Bolivia, this marvel of nature bears the story of a prehistoric lake that went dry leaving behind the world biggest salt flat, it has a diverse and beautiful landscape of bright salts and rock formations. This site is filled with many diversions for all willing explorers it also contains some cacti and although animals are rare in this area, some pink flamingos can be found. 




Moving on to Africa and a fun holiday spot, we would talk on Zambia, a beautiful holiday spot, less popular as a safari destination than it’s neighbor countries such as Tanzania and Botswana but it is still a considerably beautiful holiday destination, blessed with diverse landscapes and wildlife, its most beautiful and popular holiday destination is Victoria Falls, considered the largest waterfalls in the world by volume, during the Easter season Zambia is in its dry season and the cascading water is easily seen. Other beautiful attractions include the Kafue national park and the Lower Zambezi national park. There are also other beautiful parks in this country, a visit to these parks provides beautiful wildlife sightings for all who are interested. Please follow all safety tips while in this country, also visits parks like the Kafue national park to help to fund conservation and anti-poaching movements. So what are you waiting to register for that tour today and I assure you, you are in for a wonderful time.




Another attraction is the Laguna Colorado found close to the border with Chile in the beautiful Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National reserve this beautiful lake contains some borax islands whose white colour contrasts with the red colour of the lake thereby creating a beauty. This site also abounds with flamingoes thereby creating a fun sight for all lovers of beauty and nature. During the Easter season, the temperature ranges between 17 degrees to 4 degrees and it also falls within the tail end of the rainy season.


Let us quickly move on to another beautiful Easter attraction in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands and its most populous city. Fondly referred to as the Venice of the north, based on the large number of canals in this city that constitute a heritage site. A beautiful multicultural city with a deep history filled with interesting personalities such as van Gogh and Rembrandt or Anne frank. The Easter period typically falls in the spring period in Amsterdam and this relatively safe and sustainable city offers many attractions to all visitors depending on what you are looking forward to, from beautiful flower houses such as the Keukenhof, to fun and homely restaurants, you can also to its historic canals and if you are a lover of art the Rijks museum and the van Gogh museum display varied number of priceless artworks. This city also has one of the most famed nightlife in the world; its night clubs are world-famous, so trust me there is something for every willing visitor and you would always be busy taking in the pleasures this city has to offer. It is a relatively safe city but it is still pretty important you have your papers in order and follow all rules, also if you are travelling from London Eurostar offers a cheap and fun two-way ride for all interested.  



Moving on we would talk about another beautiful Easter travel destination, found in Italy, worth mentioning is Naples. This beautiful city with an intriguing past, Naples during the Easter season is in the spring season and therefore suitable for a visit. It has many wonderful attractions for all interested ranging from the nearby mount Vesuvius to its beautiful cathedral, the Duomo di San Gennaro which is filled with beautiful frescoes, other beautiful landmarks include the royal palace and the historic Castel Nuovo other attractions include Nisidia, Phlegraen fields, and the postillion. Its cuisines are also famous and are related to pizza which originated in this beautiful city. Street Art can also be found in its 18th-century housing. I can assure you a visit to this beautiful city in the Easter season would provide a wealth of memorable experiences. All tourists must watch out against street mugging and pickpocketing.


We have mentioned Naples, it would only be proper to talk on Italy with its famed capital, the eternal city of Rome. A picturesque country with uncountable attractions filled with people of love and passion. Its capital Rome also houses the Vatican city 



Bali, Indonesia:


Moving on to another picturesque holiday destination, Bali Indonesia is a beautiful relaxation spot, the holiday season, unfortunately, coincides with the time it is filled with the highest number of visitors so the key to travelling there in early April before it is filled with tourists, known for its beautiful forests, iconic rice paddies, beaches, and coral reefs. It is also home to historic religious sites such as the Uluwatu temple it also has popular bars and resorts, there are also many meditation and yoga resorts in this beautiful island. The Easter period also coincides with the island dry season so be rest assured you in for a good time.  



Crete is the southernmost of Greece's popular beaches, the Easter period coincides with spring season here, so it is also a favourable time for a visit. A beautiful holiday destination for all lovers of beauty, nature, and exploration. You can simply relax in its wondrous beaches and resorts or move forward and do some quiet exploration on your own, checking out mountain drives and hiking spots and villages with their wonderful taverns which produce superb meals and wine for all who are interested and I assure you, you would surely have a wonderful time.



‘See Paris and die’ regarded as Rome’s twin city, a visit to the beautiful city of Paris is always a wonderful prospect especially during the spring season where the weather is utopian and the conditions are perfect. A global centre of arts, fashion, and culture, it is famous for many iconic monuments ranging from the popular Eiffel Tower to the Notre Dame cathedral; other attractions for lovers of art include the popular art museum the LOUVRE. Another beautiful monument is the ARC DE TRIOMPHE. This beautiful monument honours those who gave their lives for France during the French revolution and the Napoleonic wars. You should also visit its exotic libraries and beautiful restaurants and treat yourself to the pleasures Paris has to offer. 







Let us move on to another popular travel destination which is Cyprus which is a beautiful travel spot for all who are willing in this period, Cyprus is in the spring season and it is an excellent destination for lovers of quiet beauty, from its beautiful beaches and popular hiking spots, you can also travel through the island's villages and check through its fun taverns and experience the beautiful scenery all around you. The final Easter travel destination we are going to mention is Tokyo. April is the cherry blossom time in this beautiful Japanese city, from the celebration of fun national festivals to beautiful blossoming to wonderful parks all around the city, you would surely have a good time, there are also numerous fun activities for all lovers of nature, you can book boat trips and check out wonderful animal parks, there are also wonderful exhibitions of art and culture all around the city and there are also fun restaurants where you can enjoy wonderful cuisines. So what are you waiting for book that trip today and I assure you, you would enjoy your stay in this beautiful city? This article aims to provide an insight into fun travel attractions during the Easter period, so what are you waiting today, book that trip today to any of these travel destinations and I assure you, you are in for a wonderful time.




Vatican City


which is an independent theocracy within the capital, Vatican city has numerous attractions ranging from saint peter’s basilica to the seat if the pope the Lateran cathedral, in Rome we can find the colosseum Trevi fountain and numerous attractions, this beauty of a city was the seat of a renaissance for many years and is still considered a cultural icon to beauty and arts, other famous cities in Italy include Naples and Venice with its famous canals, this is the spring season in Italy so apart from normal safety precautions, I assure you, you are in for a wild and fun ride.


Marrakesh, Morocco


Moving on to north Africa Marrakech in Morocco is a beautiful city with a rich and diverse history, known as the red city it contains many beautiful monuments, mosques and palaces and beautiful sites for all willing tourists, the best period to visit is also the Easter season because during this period Marrakesh is in its spring season and the weather is also perfect during this period, founded by Abu Bakr ibn Umar the city was one of Morocco’s imperial cities. Its medina quarters are a designated heritage site and I assure you, there would always be beautiful attractions for all willing visitors.




Let us move on to another fun Easter attraction, let us talk about Cuba. Cuba is a beautiful travel attraction and more fun during the dry season where the weather is near perfect for visitors. Cuba is filled with numerous attractions for all who are interested in beautiful beaches to popular restaurants which provide excellent cuisines for anyone interested and since this does not constitute the prime holiday season I am sure you would have a quiet and enjoyable time. For all first time travellers, Cuba is pretty safe, so just obey all rules and also take note of health complications.