The Amazing Shores of Oman

Adesua Emmanuel 6 August


Beachside Resorts


Along the shores of Oman, popular resorts offer a wide range of water sports for all willing lovers of fun and sport, examples of such games are snorkelling, diving, sailing, para-sailing, and kayaking other sports which would surely provide a bigger rush of adrenaline include jet-skiing, water skiing, and wakeboarding. Kayaking prominently offers all lovers of the ocean an opportunity to explore the ocean, you can also view the animals in these oceans in all their beauty and scout Oman's beautiful coastline. Oman is a country of beauty, rich heritage and also eerie mysteries, found in the beautiful region of Musandam is the telegraph island, found off the shore of the Musandam governate this island was said to be host to a legion of British soldiers in the 18th century who were stationed there to guide the telegraph cable station that was situated there when the telegraphy was decommissioned these soldiers stayed for 5 more years and it was said they slowly lost their mind to the desert heat and monotony. Scary right? Nowadays this uninhabited island is huge among tourists, visitors take dhow boat trips around its fjords and can watch dolphins and go fishing and snorkelling. While in muscat and after enjoying the wonderful seafood cuisines it offers and going for boat trips and so much more. You should visit the royal opera house, this beautiful monument to arts and beauty is Oman's premier venue for the display of musical arts and culture, this beautiful opera house reflects traditional Omani architecture and as a concert theatre, beautiful gardens, auditorium and a cultural market, other attractions in this beautiful complex include restaurants and an art centre.


Kite camp of Masirah island


Another attraction for lovers of water sports would be the kite camp on the Masirah island, this beautiful resort offers the opportunity for all lovers of water games who have never been introduced to this fun game to be exposed to it. This fun game which is a combination of wakeboarding, paragliding, surfing, and windsurfing promises a unique thrill for all involved. This fun camp can be reached via a 500km coastal drive from the beautiful city of muscat followed by a 90 min ferry crossing, like most of Oman's luxurious sea resorts, it combines natural beauty a water lover paradise and I assure you, you would surely have a wonderful time. Oman has some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world, therefore, lovers of beauty and marine life can go scuba diving and explore them, you would also be blessed with amazing animal sights, the best places to go for diving would be in Musandam and muscat. These coupled with the delicious seafood cuisines you would find in these regions, you are surely in for a swell time.  


A dhow trip


For all lovers of the beauty the ocean provides and who has a raging spirit of adventure within them, the ideal activity for such people would be a dhow trip, explore Oman’s beautiful seas in its traditional boats, with a good guide these cruises can be taken from the shores of the Musandam region, muscat, the Dhofar region and the shores of the al wusta region. On these cruises you can explore the sailing and marine life of traditional Omanis, you would also be able to feast your eyes on its beautiful marine life, from dolphins to rays and migrating whales. Oman’s coasts are also hotspots for lovers of scuba-diving, some cruises also offer live diving cruises which would surely ensure all visitors would have a wonderful time.  Also, the Omani coasts are famous for its dolphins, these elegant creatures can be found in large numbers in its coasts especially along the beautiful shores of Musandam and Muscat, different therefore tours organize beautiful dolphin tours. Also, the coasts of Oman constitute a green turtle haven, five of its seven species comes into its shores to lay their egg so for all lovers of marine life and the turtle life-cycle, fewer coasts would provide better opportunities to have a closer look at these beautiful animals.


Oman is a beautiful country found on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula in western Asia, a strategic trading hub it was an important and powerful emirate in the 17th century. The coast and sea are an important part of the Omani culture, after all, Sinbad was said to have departed from the ancient capital of Sohar on his seven fantastical voyages. This beautiful country is famous for its superb kinds of seafood and sweets. It also has some native delicious cuisines. This beautiful country also has a rich cultural heritage with many beautiful historic monuments and beautiful buildings such as the Sultan Qaboos grand mosque the bahla fort, the Nizwa fort and so much more. This article aims to give an insight into the beautiful coasts of Oman and activities you can enjoy in this wonderful country. This beautiful country is surrounded by the Arabian Gulf, the Oman Sea, and the Gulf of Oman thereby blessing it with a wealth of water resources which would surely give a wonderful experience to all lovers of the ocean and marine sports. With its beautiful beaches and crystal clear water, you are in for a wonderful time.


Oman is a beautiful nation and it offers a unique mix of ancient beauty and modern comfort, coupled with its rich and diverse history if what you want is an exposure to an ancient and beautiful culture you are at the right place. If you are interested in a beautiful country with diverse landscapes and beautiful beaches and coasts you are in the right country. In all this country provides a unique thrill that cannot be found anywhere. This paradise of a nation is a perfect spot for all lovers of adventure, beautiful sceneries, and art. So if you want a novel fun experience in a mesmerizing country book that tour to oman today and I assure you, you would come back with travel tales that would be the envy of all who hear them.