The Must See sites of Bhutan

Adesua Emmanuel 5 August


Bhutan is a beautiful landlocked country in South Asia, with Thimphu being its capital. A Buddhist kingdom renowned for its beautiful monasteries, fortresses, and landscapes, it is a quietly hidden beauty, this beauty can also be considered a pioneer in the idea of gross national happiness. This country is also a role model for other nations of the world regarding environmental conservation practices. It is blessed with a beautifully diverse ecosystem with some rare animals. This country is really beautiful and here its conservation methods are wrapped into the way of life of the average Bhutanese, but for most tourists, they can only spend a few days in this beautiful country due to its $250 per day policy so it is very important for you to plan your trip properly so you can have the most fun possible in the short time you have. This article would try to help you have the maximum fun by listing out some activities all visitors to this beautiful country must do.


Now If you are going to fly into the country you are most likely going to land in Paro as it contains the only international airport in Bhutan.  Upon landing in this region, there will be many highlight sites and landmarks for you to see, starting with the famous tiger’s nest.


The Tigers Nest:  


one major highlight you simply can’t miss is the Tiger’s nest monastery, a prominent Buddhist sacred site it is located in the Cliffside in the upper Paro valley, first built in 1692 it was built around the cave where Guru Padmasambhava is said to have meditated for four months in the 8th century. This prominent guru is believed to have introduced Buddhism to Bhutan. To get to this beautiful monastery you would need to climb up a mountain for some hours and I assure you this hike would be worth it in the end, also there Are some lovely side attractions along the way like a cafeteria where you can have a pleasurable meal. The view to and fro to the monastery is also beautiful and I am sure it would be a pleasurable experience. Although no cameras are allowed in this monastery the art, paintings, and beautiful architecture around you coupled with the fact that you are in a beautiful holy site will surely provide you with a wonderful, exceptional &  intimate experience. This beautiful site is a cultural icon of Bhutan and a popular festival known as Tsechu is celebrated every year in the Paro valley in honour of Guru Padmasambhava.


The Le Meridian Paro Riverfront:  


While in Paro you should check out & stay at the le meridian paro riverfront, this beautiful 5-star hotel boasts luxurious rooms, delicious buffet, pools, spas, and a gym. It also offers awesome views of the surrounding mountains and rivers and it also offers nice spots for solitude. This would surely provide an amazing experience for all involved. While you are still in Paro why not visit the national museum of Bhutan established in 1968 and situated in the renovated ancient Ta-dzong building, this museum was created to house and showcase the beauty of Bhutanese art, it contains the finest collections of Bhutanese art from bronze statues to elegant paintings. Today it contains more than 3000 pieces of art and it presents a unique blend of the past and the present and it surely provides an awesome experience for all involved.



The Capital, Thimpu:


Moving from paro, you should go to the capital Thimphu, this beautiful city is filled with many attractions which I am sure would provide a unique fun experience for all visitors, starting from the BUDDHA DORDENMA, this giant Buddha statue was finished in 2015 and was built for the prosperity of the country and is a beautiful piece of art that would surely evoke marvel from all who see it.


Thimpu City:


from Thimpu you can explore phunaka, it was once the capital of Bhutan until 1955 this beautiful town is set in the phunaka valley which is found where the mo chhu and pho chhu river meet. Between Thimpu and phunaka there is the doula pass, where you can find more than 108 chortens, a botanical park, shops, restaurants and so much more, you can also have a wonderful view of the Himalayas on a good day.


In phunaka, there are wonderful attractions such as the phunaka dzong, Bhutan's longest suspension bridge this beautiful bridge connects the town of phunaka with phunaka dzong.


The National Memorial Chorten & Simply Bhutan Restaurant:


Another important spot to visit is the national memorial Chorten built-in 1974 to honour the king of Bhutan, this beautiful memorial site is a popular spot for all tourists.


While you are in Thimpu you can explore popular restaurants such as simply Bhutan which offers an exciting culinary experience coupled with archery games and beautiful gardens this would prove to be an overwhelmingly fun experience. You can also stay le meridian Thimpu which would provide you with a fun 5-star experience. Bhutan is a beautiful country with much awesome attraction in different regions.





There are many fun activities and wonderful attractions in Bhutan. You can go for whitewater rafting, or trek over to the fertility temple or attend a popular colourful festival and experience the happiness and excitement of the people, I assure you Bhutan is a beautiful country filled with many surprising marvels and a visit to this country would always provide a unique fun experience, so what are you waiting for, book that tour today and explore this quiet little country filled with happy people with warm personalities.


The Tashichho Dzong


Another beautiful attraction in this capital is the Tashichho Dzong, it is the seat of the head of the city's government, this beautiful masterpiece has more than thirty temples, chapels and shrines and a visit to this site would surely prove to be a fun experience, not far from here is the Dechen phrodrang monastery, it was once the administrative centre of the country, today it is a monastery and a school for the training of students. Archery is Bhutan's national sport, so you must know a lot of attention is paid to it if you visit the changlimithang stadium and archery ground there is usually one competition or the other going on. The mastery on display would surely provide an exciting experience.