The Best Places to Visit in Mexico

Adesua Emmanuel 9 September


Mexico is a beautiful northern American country, bordered to the north by the united states and to the south and west by the Pacific Ocean. This country is an ecological wonder and is considered a megadiverse ecosystem. It is one of the six cradles of civilization and numerous ruins of the Aztec and Mayan civilization litres the landscape of this country. This country is blessed with wondrous monuments, warm people, diverse and rich culture, and exotic dishes. Mexico is also a tropical country with a rainy and dry season. This article aims to explore sites that would ensure all visitors have a wonderful time, from crowded beaches to colonial cities, museums, jungles, and beautiful nature spots. There is always something for all visitors.




If you are a lover of arts, beauty, and ancient civilizations then I assure you, you are in for a treat. An ancient Maya city found in southern Mexico. This city-state is home to some of the best-preserved Mayan architecture, sculpture, art, and relics. The long and varied history of this ancient civilization has also been recorded from writings on monuments and would surely be an interesting read for all who are interested. It is also estimated that only about 10% of this city-state has been discovered. I believe all willing explorers would have a wonderful time exploring the jungles and this beautiful historical site.




This ancient and beautiful city is blessed with numerous attractions for all visitors. From the beautiful TEMPLO DE SANTO DOMINGO, a beautiful relic to baroque architecture. This complex is blessed with a network of courtyards, rooms and so much more. In this beautiful complex, there is a beautiful church and monastery that would surely catch your fancy. Another attraction in this city is the MUSEO DE SITIO DE MONTE ALBAN an archaeological site founded in the year 500. The magnificent OAXACA cathedral would also provide a wonderful fun experience. Lovers of flowers and nature can also visit the Jardin Etnobotanico de Oaxaca. The most popular attraction in this country would be the festival of the dead, this exotic and popular festival is an exciting prospect for all visitors and would surely fill you with memories that would last a lifetime.  




The popular and bubbly capital of Mexico is a beehive and a honeypot that keeps drawing tourists from all over the world. top attractions in this beautiful capital include the BOSQUE DE CHAPULTEPEC, the Friday Kahlo museum, Zocalo, Palacio de Bellas Artes and so much more. The Bosque de Chapultepec serves as an expansive park, and it is also filled numerous attractions for all lovers of art and beauty and also serves as an ecological reserve. This park is divided into sections and attractions in this park include the Chapultepec castle which served as the original residence of the Mexican head of states till 1940, the Los Pinos (which as also served as an official residence), the museum of anthropology which is filled with Mayan and Aztec artefacts and is the most visited in Mexico, the Rufino Tamayo Museum and so much more. This park is divided into sections and each section is filled with tourist attractions. The first section contains the museums and the castle, attractions in the second section include the Lago mayor, the monumental fountain which is also the biggest in Latin America, cafes, restaurants, and parks which provide recreational value. The third section serves mainly as an ecological reserve and is filled with numerous animals and plants, you can also perform recreational Activities such as archery and horse-riding. Other attractions in Mexico-city such as Zocalo serves as a prominent plaza where numerous historic events have taken place. The Palacio de Bellas Artes is an opulent palace dedicated to art, music, beauty, and fun. It is also a beautiful cultural centre that would inspire awe in all who view it.




This beautiful Mexican city is popular for its beaches, numerous resorts, and bubbly nightlife. There is always something for every visitor. From the famed Cancun underwater museum to the playa Norte, you can also visit the Xcaret park with its numerous wildlife attractions. It also has Mayan archaeological sites these sites would always catch the fancy of lovers of ancient civilizations. But this city which is incredibly safe for tourists is most popular for its beaches, seaside resorts, hotels, and nightclubs and is a popular holiday destination for students and young people who generally just want to enjoy a fun time.  


Playa del Carmen.


Mexico is a big and beautiful country and one article is not enough to explore its numerous attractions but it would be a travesty to talk on the top attractions in Mexico without mentioning this gem of a city. The playa del carmen is a beautiful resort town found along the Caribbean coastline and it is famed for its beautiful palm-lined beaches and coral reefs. It is also filled with restaurants, resorts, dance clubs and so much more and it is so designed to ensure you enjoy a marvellous time. Formerly a quiet fishing village, this town has expanded over the years into a beautiful resort town filled with friendly locals. It is a dream destination for all lovers of quiet, beauty, and fun.


Los Cabos


This beautiful municipality is popular for its beautiful beaches, seaside resorts, golf courses, and night clubs. It is a popular tourist destination and very popular among lovers of water sports, scuba diving, and fishing. This beautiful municipality also has some historic buildings which retain the influence of Spanish colonialism.  This municipality is made up of two towns the Cabo san Jose and the Cabo San Lucas. The former still retains its old appeal and is blessed with a quiet ambience. On a final note, a mention should be made of the copper canyon. A massive canyon that is larger than the grand canyon in the united states. This canyon is blessed with rich biodiversity and has waterfalls and beautiful rocks that would surely excite all visitors. The most popular path to exploring this canyon is the EL-CHEPE which passes over more than 80 tunnels and nearly 40 bridges while making many stops along the way especially at Divisadero where travellers enjoy breathtaking views and also buy artefacts from the Tarahumara people.


Mexico is a beautiful country and one of the biggest tourist hotspots in the world, but you cannot be too careful, be wary of small crimes such as pickpocketing and mugging and always follow all safety guidelines, also ask for help when in need and it pays to plan your trip with a good tourist agency, but in general, Mexico is a very safe country for tourists and I assure you, you would enjoy your time here. So book that trip today and be thrown into a whirlwind of pleasurable experiences.