The Guide to the Best places to Visit in Portugal

Adesua Emmanuel 9 September




This island is almost synonymous with the great football icon Cristiano Ronaldo. A beautiful autonomous region composed of 4 islands off the northwest coast of Africa. It is renowned for its beautiful climate, beautiful mountains, and cliffs where you can enjoy fun nature experiences and hiking. It is blessed with botanical gardens and pearly beaches, It's cuisines and drinks are also popular.  An emerging and hot tourist destination, this beautiful region is blessed with many exotic destinations. Its capital Funchal has a popular new year celebration coupled with one of the world's most beautiful firework displays. Apart from that smaller islands like Porto Santo offer seaside resorts and hotels. Other attractions on this beautiful island include the Christopher Columbus house, the new CR7 museum, and many more.




Portugal's second-largest city, this city is renowned for its beautiful ports, the expansive Douro river which is a prime choice for all lovers of water sports and cruises. One of Europe's oldest and most exotic cities, its famed narrow and cobbled streets, amazing plazas, and churches would always be a wonderful sight for all involved. From wonderful cafes and restaurants to beautiful beaches and wonderful attractions such as the Clerigos church and tower, the popular Luiz 1 bridge to the modernist architectural beauty the Casa da Musica. there are delicious cuisines for all willing to explore and beautiful drinks for all lovers of food and drinks. This city is also popular for its exotic port wine and a visit would not be complete without a taste of it.

Portugal is one of the oldest nations in Europe, blessed with delicious cuisines, innovative and beautiful artworks, and deep cultural heritage. One of the first world superpowers, under various auspicious kings, there were voyages to new lands and this lead to the creation of a mighty empire. Much of this previous opulence is gone but Portugal has left a profound cultural influence all over the world with more than 250 million speakers. A beautiful developed country, this nation is blessed with beautiful regions, architectural masterpieces, and wonderful attractions for all willing visitors. This article aims to explore beautiful attractions for all lovers of beauty, nature, and architectural masterpieces. A visit to Portugal would expose you to a warm culture, fun and relatable people, and wonderful landscapes.




Water games and surfing are one of the biggest attractions Portugal offers, for all lovers of water sports, Ericeira is the place to be, a popular beach town not far from Lisbon, it offers surf spots and big waves for all surfing enthusiast, not to mention its delicious native seafood cuisines. A worthy mention is, the Algarve region and its beautiful cities, blessed with beautiful weather, nice food, drinks, and beautiful spots I assure you, you would enjoy a wonderful time.  


Portugal is a beautiful country and one article would not be enough to explore its many regions and their numerous attractions, just visit today and I assure you, you would surely keep coming back for more. 


The national park and palace of Pena


A beautiful romanticist palace found in the town Sinatra on top of a big hill. The beautiful monument can be seen from Lisbon on a clear day, one of history's biggest monument to 19th-century romanticism, this beautiful monument constitutes one of the seven wonders of Portugal, construction on this site started in the middle ages after a supposed virgin Mary apparition and numerous rulers over time have made renovations and built this complex into the beauty it is now. The buildings in this palace were built in numerous artistic styles and are always a marvel for all who visit. There is also a beautiful park on its grounds and this park is filled with many wild and exotic flowers and trees. The city of Sintra is also blessed with many cultural artifacts such as the medieval castle of moors or the exotic Monserrate palace. This beautiful city is filled with marvellous sights that would inspire wonder and awe in lovers of beautiful sceneries. Another beautiful natural landmark in this ancient town is the CABO DA ROCA, a cape which forms the westernmost point of continental Europe. This cape is filled with high cliffs and beautiful beaches and is and also serves as a wonderful geographical landmark.


Alentejo region  


One of Portugal largest region, it is filled with historical monuments, diverse cultural artefacts, and many attractions for all lovers of fun, art, and beauty. A visit to this region should start from its historic capital, a designated world heritage site, this beautiful city is filled with significant landmarks ranging from the eerie Capela dos ossos to ancient roman landmarks to the royal palace. This city also has stunning cuisines and native wine recipes that would surely ensure you have a good time. This region is also blessed with pearly beaches and homely taverns, here you would be served its native dishes such as the Acorda; traditionally made of bread soaked in a broth with an egg, this dish has been expanded on over the years to something more exquisite.  This region is filled with many beauties from ancient castles to medieval towns to beautiful seaside resorts. It is also blessed with natural landmarks and bird- watching spots and I assure you there is always something for everyone, every willing tourist should visit as many beautiful spots as possible and simple revel in their surroundings.




A visit to Portugal is not complete without a visit to this ancient and beautiful capital city. This city is blessed with many historical monuments, wonderful native cuisines, and many more attractions. From the ancient and beautiful Belem tower which serves as a historic gateway to this beautiful city. The Jeronimos Monastery, a former monastery of the order of st.jerome. this beautiful monastery and the Belem monastery constitute a world heritage site. It is an architectural masterpiece and is one of the biggest monuments in Gothic art forms. Other historical attractions include Castelo des. Jorge, Praca do comercio and so much more. You can also waltz in its narrow and winding archways and I assure you, you are in for a wonderful time.