The Best places to visit in Chile you cant miss out on

Adesua Emmanuel 10 September


Chile is a beautiful country that provides numerous attractions for visitors and it is generally safe for all visitors as long as you take note of minimum safety precautions. Make sure your papers are in order, take care of your belongings from petty theft, check the rivers for currents, don't pet stray dogs, and observe basic precautions. There are numerous attractions for lovers of art, beauty, nature, and wildlife in this country which would ensure you have a lot of wonderful pleasures for you and would provide stories that would last a lifetime, so what are you waiting for, book that trip today and I assure you, you would not regret it.



Cape horn


The cape horn is the southernmost headland of the Tierra del Fuego archipelago of southern Chile. These waters around this cape are particularly hazardous due to waves, icebergs, and strong winds and were particularly dangerous to seafarers and trade ships who have to pass there during the height of sea trades. It marks the northern border of the drake passage and it is considered the point where the Atlantic and Pacific oceans meet. Recreational sailors and yacht sports lovers also test their resolve and skill by traveling through this perilous route. There is a monument on this headland which commemorates the lives of the thousands of seafarers who lost their lives on this route. There is also a lighthouse and a chapel nearby.

Chile is a beautiful country that borders the western edge of South America. One of Latin America's most prosperous countries. This country is blessed with a rich cultural heritage which is based on the native cultural influences of the Andean and Mapuche people coupled with rich cultural imports from the Spanish during the colonial Era and English and German influences during the early part of the 20th century. These influences have left a rich tradition of beautiful cuisines, beautiful architectural styles, and exotic dress and dance culture. This beautiful country also has diverse landscapes that provide wonderful attractions for all visitors. A country with a diverse climate due to its unique geography, this beautiful country has at least 10 climatic subtypes and all visitors to any region need to study and learn about the climate of the region they plan to visit ahead. This article aims to give exposure to the top attractions in this beautiful country. 


The Rapa Nui national park.


This beautiful national park which is found on Easter Island in Chile holds numerous attractions for all visitors. A world heritage site, this park got its fame principally from the stone statues which are found on the island, these statues are attributed to the ancestors of the indigenous people of this island, other attractions include its very rare animals and flowers, some of which are endemic and native to this island. Another attraction on this park is the very beautiful white sand coral reef beach known as the Anakena, this beautiful beach has within it a car park and a palm grove. Visitors can enjoy the ambiance and the scenery. This beach is especially special for being a sandy beach on an otherwise rocky coastline. It also has an important place in mythology. It is believed to be the spot where the founder of the Rapa Nui settlement landed. It was also believed to be a spot where islanders read from Rongorongo boards. So for lovers of nature, history, art, wildlife, and beautiful sceneries. This park is a wonderful attraction.





This mountain is one of chile’s most popular active volcanoes, also known as Rucapillan which means devil’s house in the Mapuche language. This beautiful mountain is found within the Villarrica national park, 750km south of the capital Santiago. This park which protects this mountain and other nearby mountains also offers conservation services to protect the forest cover, ensure proper management and protect the habitat of the many rare and endangered creatures which can be found in this beautiful area. This mountain is particularly popular with mountain climbers and hiking enthusiasts. There are also helicopter over-trips for willing tourists. The scenery on top, nature views, and wildlife provides a wonderful experience for all willing visitors.  




This beautiful capital city is filled with numerous attractions for lovers of nature, architecture, and history. A beautiful city that is found at the heart of the Andes mountain. It holds numerous attractions for all visitors. From the historic plaza the Armas which also serves as the city center and also as the site of many historic events to the stately presidential palace. There are numerous attractions for every visitor. Every visit Santiago should include a visit to the saint Lucia hill. This hill which is found in the center of the city provides a wonderful viewpoint for tourists and also has within it a park with many adornments. Visitors should also check out the exotic Santiago metropolitan park, this park which is the largest urban park in Chile and one of the largest in the world has numerous attractions, ranging from beautiful pools to a cable car network. It also has within it a national zoo that is filled with diverse animals including rare and endangered species. There is also a botanical garden in its environs. The san Cristobal hill is found within this park, this hill is one of the highest points in the city and bodes numerous attractions, it provides a sweeping view of the city for visitors, an observatory, and a religious monument which includes a sanctuary dedicated to the immaculate conception which includes a statue to the Virgin Mary, a chapel where pope john Paul blessed the city and an amphitheater, this sanctuary is lit up by lights at night thereby providing excellent viewing for all who gaze upon it. You should also visit the popular market in this city and explore its cuisines, drink, and just enjoy the ambiance the market provides. A lover of history and art can also visit the museums in this city and check out artworks from the pre-colonial period.