Places to visit in Japan you dont want to miss

Adesua Emmanuel 14 December

Japan is a beautiful island country in East Asia, the land of the shoguns and samurais. This beautiful country is blessed with a rich and varied cultural heritage. Blessed with delicious cuisines, a colourful style of dressing, and diverse landscapes. This beautiful country has many beautiful attractions to offer for willing visitors. Japan is a great power and a highly industrial country that is blessed with a modern culture that draws visitors from all around the world. from snow-capped mountain peaks to imperial palaces to daunting sky crappers and wonderful light and fireworks display. There is always something for all visitors. Without much ado, we would dive into the wonderful attractions this country offers.


Mount Fuji


This beautiful mountain is found about 100 kilometres south of Tokyo. Japan's tallest peak and an iconic monument in Japan, this beautiful mountain offers numerous attractions to lovers of beauty and nature. This beautiful peak has been an iconic pilgrimage site for centuries and, for visitors to Japan, most postcards would bear an image of this snow-capped mountain peak. Numerous attractions for visitors include summit hikes, nature trails for lovers of nature and beautiful scenery and so much more. An iconic national symbol, this beautiful mountain is a UNESCO heritage site and pulls religious adherents, ascetics, and nature lovers. There are many points of cultural interest for visitors, these include shrines, religious grounds, and meditation spots. There is also a nearby forest for all lovers of green scenery.


Kyoto prefecture


Kyoto city served as the capital of the Kyoto prefecture.  Widely regarded as the cultural capital of Japan. This beautiful city holds numerous attractions. It has many untouched cultural vestiges from Japan’s imperial age and is a very beautiful city to behold. From imperial palaces to ancient walkways and parlours to religious centres, this beautiful city is a joy to behold. A city blessed with a rich cultural heritage, from colourful geishas to wonderfully designed temples. Major attractions include the imperial palace. Home of the ruling emperor of Japan, this beautiful masterpiece is a sight to behold. A top tourist attraction, this palace has numerous structures, intricately designed buildings, and gardens. Attractions also include many beautiful gates, the imperial throne, and the seat of the empress.  This palace's beauty is better seen than imagined. Kyoto being the cultural capital of Japan is home to many beautiful temples, monasteries, and geisha houses but a mention of Kyoto would not be complete without a mention of the Fushimi Inari-Taisha. The head shrine of the kami Inari, this beautiful edifice has numerous attractions including the rows of Torri gates which number up to a thousand, sculptural masterpieces, and beautiful paintings. This beautiful edifice is popular among visitors and receives millions of them every year. Another worthy mention is the kinkaku-Ji temple a beautiful Zen temple that draws a lot of visitors every year. 




The capital city and one of the most populous cities in the world, the city of Tokyo embodies the modern culture of Japan. Filled with numerous attractions such as the rainbow bridge, the national diet building, the Tokyo Sky-tree and so much more. This beautiful city has a rich and diverse history but more importantly, it is at the forefront of Japan's modern ideals and economic growth. This city has skyscrapers, wonderful restaurants, big industrial cities, and many more ultra-modern attractions. From themed parks to Arcades to wonderful cinemas and the popular anime culture there are many attractions to fill your sight. An alpha plus city too, this big city can overwhelm new visitors. A mention of Tokyo is not complete without a description of one of its top attractions, the Tokyo sky-tree, this observation tower is the tallest tower and the second tallest structure in the world second only to the Burj Khalifa. A beautiful tower built with a wonderful design infusing futuristic styles and traditional Japanese architectural design patterns, this beautiful tower has numerous observatories and offers a beautiful panoramic view of the city. Other attractions include the beautiful rainbow bridge, found in the Minato region of Tokyo. This bridge provides a wonderful view for all visitors. 


Moving on from the beautiful rainbow bridge another wonderful attraction in this city is the sense-Ji temple, the oldest temple in all of Japan, this temple is associated with Buddhism and is one of Japan's most attractive religious attractions. It attracts millions of visitors every year. It also serves as a symbol of rebirth and peace for the Japanese people. This beautiful religious ground is also the site of one of Tokyo's most colourful festivals (Sanja Matsuri) which takes place during the spring. Found dominating the entrance to this palace is the thunder gate, found inside are beautiful buildings, pagodas, and halls, there are also shops which sell beautiful souvenirs to tourists and beautiful restaurants which serve delicious meals. You can also visit diviners in this beautiful religious ground. In all a visit to this temple is a wholesome experience that would surely take your breath away.




This picturesque city is found in the Tochigi prefecture, north of Tokyo, this city is famed for its varied and diverse culture, beautiful natural attractions and historical shrines and religious grounds. It also has a mystical aura due to the numerous temples that can be found in this small city. It's most popular attraction is the Toshogu shrine, this beautiful complex has numerous beautifully decorated halls, ancient trees, and expansive grounds. It is a famed tourist attraction that attracts many visitors every year. Other attractions in this city include its famous hot springs. Given that it reflects autumn colors this city would surely blow your mind.  Another city that you should consider visiting is Takayama, this wonderfully preserved city offers a glimpse into the ancient Japanese way of life, filled with wooden merchant houses, beautiful restaurants that serve delicious delicacies, and many small museums which offer numerous attractions. You should also visit its famed fruit market and I assure you, you are in for a wonderful time.  This city is also home to a popular biannual festival which involves glided floats, puppets, and colourful parades.


It should be noted that Japan is a beautiful city filled with many wonders for visitors, this article cannot explore the numerous attractions this picturesque country offers for lovers of art, history, nature, scenery, and religion. It can only give a brief exposure to stimulate you and encourage you to take that leap today and be rest assured you are in for a wonderful time.