Mouth-Watering Turkish Food

Adesua Emmanuel 15 December


Turkey is a beautiful country which has been blessed with a wide range of influences, from byzantine, to cultural influences from the crusaders to the Ottoman dynasty, these influences have created a beautiful country with a rich-multicultural heritage. Now, this article aims to explore Turkish cuisines, how to prepare them, and what makes them special. Without much ado, let's dive in.  



Perhaps turkey's signature dish, this beautiful meal has many variants but in all, it is a delicious meal to try. Variations include Adana and Urfa, Beyti, and sis. What do you need to prepare this delicious meal? You need the main gradient which is meat. Traditionally marinated lamb meat is preferred, but variants include marinated goat meat, pork, chicken and so much more. To prepare Kebap to taste, the lamb meat is marinated for about a day to get the desired taste, quality, and tenderness. Other ingredients include vegetables, potatoes for some, pepper, sauce, and onions. These ingredients are then mixed and grilled to create the perfect kebab meal. Kebaps can be served with rice, bread, or even a salad for the people who subscribe to specific diet plans.





This is a popular Turkish dish that has now spread all over the world so much that its origin is sometimes forgotten. It comes in many variants which include Durum and iskender kebap. How to prepare? You need vegetables, meat, and sauce. The key ingredient which makes this meal different from the classic kebap and its other variants is the presence of dough. This is used to make a well kneaded covering for the meat, vegetables, and sauce, like it is done for its traditional Arabic counterpart, Shawarma.





Turkish dishes were made especially for meat lovers. you would find that most of the dishes that would be highlighted today have meat/chicken as one of its main ingredients. Manti is a traditional Turkish dish that is usually cooked in most households. It is traditionally made from meat, vegetables, eggs, salt, flour, onions, pepper, garlic, and yogurt. The flour is made into well-kneaded dough and then made into dumplings which other seasoned ingredients are added to, after this is done the dumplings are well cooked and then the yogurt is dripped over then to create our special meat-filled diet.



Balik Ekmek


This snack is very popular in turkey's capital Istanbul, it is a sandwich which is well filled with vegetables, fish, onions and so much more. It is especially popular among tourists and a visit to this iconic capital would not be complete without a taste of this delicious meal.




In short, this is diet is Turkish meatball, but of course with the added Turkish flavor of spices. It is made from bulgur with other added ingredients such as seasoned meat, onions, pepper, pine nuts and so much more. It is also sold with bread, salad and other dishes. Kofte can be further improved by dipping it in an egg and flour batter and frying them to perfection this would create another variant of this popular meal. This meal is very popular in Turkey and it is a very important part of their diet so you would most likely find it in delis and diners all around you and you can rest assured a trial would expose your palate to a wonderful culinary experience.





This is a Turkish style pizza, when it is well made, it is a crispy and delicious dish that would blow your mind away. It is made with minced meat, vegetables, parsley, and strangely also lemon juice. These ingredients are added to the prepared dough and made into a delicious meal that can be appreciated by all and sundry.





These are delicious Turkish appetizers, they are varied and are made with varied ingredients, they include mashed beans, fried vegetables with yogurt and sauce, muhammara which is made from pepper, walnuts, lemon juice, and pomegranate. These dishes as appetizers are native to Turkey and are always found around the corner in diners and households and when taken they would surely provide a novel culinary experience.




Turkish variation of scrambled eggs, this delicious meal is not so popular as its other counterparts but offers a beautiful culinary experience too. It is made of eggs scrambled in vegetables, onions, pepper, etc.  to create a novel and beautiful dish.





This delicious soup is a popular Turkish dish that is so easy to make, it is made with either lentils or tomato. This soup is a must-try meal, and could also be eaten with many side dishes, it gives a warm cozy feeling due to its delicious taste and would surely leave you asking for more. Ingredients used to prepare this delicious soup include lentils, tomato, olive oil, onions, salt, mint, thyme, pepper, and other spices. To prepare you first rinse the lentils, then heat the olive oil, and then add onions and carrots, you would then add in the tomato paste and other spices and stir them together, after you then add in the lentils, water, and salt. You then wait for it to boil and cook for some minutes until the lentils and carrots are well cooked after the soup is ready you can then blend this delicious meal to your desired consistency and then it is ready to eat. you can then serve with side dishes and I assure you, you would not regret it.


Kuzu Tandir


This delicious Turkish dish's main ingredient traditionally is lamb meat, it is usually made by cooking this tender meat in a clay oven after which a variety of spices are then added, it can be served with rice, currants, and other side dishes.


Turkish dishes more often than not are a culinary delight although still largely unpopular in comparison to its European contemporaries but if you want to experience a new world of delicious meals, I advise you to try them out and I assure you that may turn out to be one of the best decisions you have made in a long time, so what are you waiting for, take that step today and I assure you, you would not regret it.