The amazing wonders of Jordan

Adesua Emmanuel 27 September


Jordan is a beautiful country found on the east bank of the river Jordan, a beautiful country been seen as an oasis of stability in a troubled region, this country has Amman as its capital and also as its economic, political and cultural capital. This country has a rich cultural heritage, excellent healthcare, and numerous attractions for all willing visitors. This beautiful country has beautiful ruins such as the ancient ruins of the rock-carved city of Petra and many landmarks which has religious roots. You can also visit the exotic nigh-clubs in the city of Amman and be rest assured you are in for a wonderful time. This article is aimed at giving exposure to the numerous attractions in this country starting with perhaps the most popular one.




This is perhaps the most famous attraction in Jordan, a famous archaeological site, this rock-hewn city dates back thousands of years and was the capital of the Nabatean kingdom. Accessed via a narrow canyon known as Al Siq this beautiful city contains monuments that display the glory of the famed rose city. This beautiful city is a pleasure to explore and popular attractions in this city include tombs and temples and perhaps the most famous monument the beautiful Al. Known as one of the seven wonders of the new world, carved out of sandstone and a beautiful monument in of itself is believed to have been the mausoleum of the Nabatean king, king Aretas Iv is for Moving on we would talk on another popular attraction which also bears a religious overtone is AL-MAGHTAS. 




Found on the border of Jordan with Israel these series of excavations and buildings, it is perhaps one of the most iconic biblical relics to be found and is slowly becoming a tourist hub, it is believed to be the originals spot where Jesus was baptized and due to that reason, it is drawing a lot of visitors annually. Apart from the history behind this tourist attraction, it has a wide mix of Jewish and Christian remains.


Roman theatre


This is an ancient Roman landmark that dates back to the 2nd century when it was built in honor of Emperor Antonius Pius, it can sit up to 6000 spectators and is a beautiful relic depicting the architectural mastery of the ancient Romans. This beautiful roman has a beautiful mini-theater nearby and an ancient Roman public bathhouse. These relics prove to be a wonderful attraction for lovers of Roman history and for people who want to explore the architectural works of 2nd-century Romans.



The Ajloun castle


This castle is a beautiful 12th-century castle that was built as a guard castle over the nearby valleys.  This beautiful castle is a big tourist attraction and was built on the ruins of an ancient monastery which was discovered recently. Tourists visit this castle to explore its numerous beauties, there is also a museum exhibition inside which displays the numerous artifacts from different periods in this region.




Amman stands as the political, economic, and cultural centre of the city from the diners and clubs that litter the city to the ancient excavations, this city offers numerous attractions to visitors. This city is one of the best places to visit to get exposed to the spirit of Jordan. Popular attractions in this city include the Roman Theatre, Amman citadel which contains numerous artifacts depicting the various periods in the history of this region. You can also visit the Jordan archaeological museum if you are a lover of artifacts and beauty.  King Abdullah I mosque is also a beautiful mosque in this capital which is open to tourists and lovers of splendour. This beautiful mosque is capped by a beautiful blue mosaic dome. The interior of this mosque would leave your mouth open in awe and you would find yourself admiring the beauty you are exposed to.




Found north of the capital city of Amman, this beautiful city is particularly popular for the ancient ruins that can be found within it. It draws as many visitors as the exotic rose city of Petra and this is a testament to the many exciting wonders inside this city from roman ruins such as the second-century Hadrian's Arch to the temple of Artemis and the oval colonnade, other attractions in this city include artifacts which can be found in its archaeological museums which help show the rich heritage of this region to Byzantine churches and great plazas which show ancient Rome in all of its splendour. You can also check out the bustling market in the city and also enjoy exotic native Arabian dishes in its diners.


Wadi Rum


Famous for its beautiful landscape, canyons, valleys, and so much more, this beautiful village is one exciting visit prospect that you should never miss. Found in southern Jordan, it is considered one of the most beautiful natural wonders of the region. Hewn from the nearby sandstone mountain the valley of the moon would take your breath away and ensure you have a wonderful time. Attractions include beautiful local diners, native villages, beautiful Arabic terrain, rock-hewn sculpture, and many more. This beautiful marvel of nature is better experienced than imagined and a visit to it would leave you with a plethora of tales to wow your friends who are back home with.





This sea carves its way through Jordan and is a popular attraction, from beautiful beaches along its banks to resorts where you can enjoy the beautiful Arabian weather. This salty expanse of water offers numerous attractions of which the most famous would be floating on the surface due to its high salt content and enjoying the ambience all around you.

This article just tried to shed light on some of Jordan's attractions and encourage you to take that step today and visit and be rest assured you are in for a wonderful time. Jordan is generally a haven and offers respite from the troubles of its neighbours and beauty attractions for willing visitors, take that trip today and you are in for a wonderful time. For visitors to obey all safety precautions and keep your goods safe, you would be fine.