Beyond the best places to visit in spain

9 September


The great mosque of Cordoba


The Moorish rule in Spain was a time of tolerance, culture, and artistic elegance. This beautiful edifice reflects that the Mezquita and the Alhambra complexes can be said to be the lasting relics of Islamic architecture in western Europe.  This beautiful mosque-cathedral is a world heritage site and holds numerous attractions for all visitors, from beautiful arcades to exotic designs and decorations by rare metals. This building is an architectural masterpiece and would surely take your breath away.




Spain was once Islamic control and this beautiful gem of a city was once the capital of Moorish Andalusia, all through the city, you would find relics of this time. Beautiful Islamic architectural masterpieces dot the landscape of Granada. From the exotic Alhambra to the Nasrid palaces. After the Reconquista was completed catholic kings and princes built and modified many structures and left behind beautiful renaissance edifices such as the royal chapel of Granada and the cathedral de Granada which is blessed with an enormous and elegant dome. An inquest into Granada would not be complete without an in-depth expose of the Alhambra Palace. No matter how much we talk about it, this beautiful edifice is best seen than described. It is a reflection of the level of culture, elegance, and intelligence that was on display at the height of Islamic rule in Spain. This beautiful complex has within it several buildings, towers, gardens, and a mosque. But it the beauty on display that would leave a mark in your subconscious. From beautiful stone carvings to delicate winding archways, exotic paintings, and wild frescos. I assure you a visit would leave you in awe. A worthy mention should be given to Generalife which served aa the summer residence of Nasrid rulers which contained an elaborate network of gardens and beautiful fountains.




The exotic capital of Spain holds numerous attractions for all visitors. Lovers of art and architecture should check out the Museo Nacional del Prado which holds one of the finest European collections of arts. They should also check out the beautiful edifice that is the royal palace of Madrid which also serves as the official residence of the Spanish royal army, the largest functioning palace in the world, it contains more than 3000 rooms and the largest by floor area. This building has numerous artworks and paintings in it and is notable for its beautiful interior design and its numerous rare objects such as the only complete Stradivarius quintet which would prove an exciting view for lovers of music and sound. For lovers of scenery, there is the plaza mayor, the Puerta del Sol, and El Retiro Park. These beautiful parks and squares are a thing of beauty and would provide endless pleasure. On a final note, all visitors should pass through the gran via and shop along with its famed crosswalks and enter into one of its numerous diners and taste the finest dishes Spain has to offer. Football enthusiasts can also visit the historic grounds of the Santiago Bernabeu, one of Europe’s most famous footballing grounds, home to many wonderful footballing exploits.

All this article has done is give an expose into the numerous beauties this country has on display for visitors, of course just one article cannot talk on the numerous attractions in this country given it has the third-largest number of designated heritage sites. But I assure you, a visit to Spain would leave you in awe and keep you coming back for more. This country is generally safe for visitors but it doesn't hurt to plan your trip, also making a budget and learning a little Spanish would do a world of good for you. It is also important you follow all safety instructions and guide against small crimes.




Antoni Gaudi is the name of the exemplary architect whose works with the art nouveau style defined the numerous beautiful attractions that Barcelona holds for visitors. From the exotic la Sagrada Familia to the Casa Mila, to the park quell, this visionary created masterpieces that are hard to explain or understand but incredibly beautiful to look at. The la Sagrada basilica although largely unfinished is Spain’s most visited monument. Words cannot describe this marvel of art, nor even pictures. To try to describe this building using words is to try to make a mockery of oneself. Just know this, it is perhaps the greatest piece of religious architecture in history, a visit would blow your mind away and this was the dying and uncompleted work of a genius. Other attractions such as the Casa Mila also inspire awe in visitors for its unconventional look which defied time. The casa bastille and the park quell also draws admiration and criticism from different people but it universally agreed to be beautiful.




One of the most scenic islands you would ever experience this beautiful island is famous for its popular and exotic nightlife. It is small but dotted with beautiful resorts, hotels, amazing sights in the SA TALAIASSA to the beautiful beaches of CALA LlENYA there is always something for everyone. This island holds a certain appeal for clubbers and young people since this island is filled with exotic super- clubs, world-class DJs at the steel and so much more. This island also has numerous other attractions that would catch your fancy from authentic delicious Spanish cuisines to water sports and sea exploration at the beautiful island of Formentera. You can also enjoy visits to the eerie and exotic natural park of Es Vedra and also enjoy the wonderful stories you get to listen to while exploring this gem of nature. On a final note, all lovers of history can explore this ancient port town of Ibiza and check out its monuments. It should also be said that this picturesque island offers one of the most beautiful sunset views you would ever see.