Must know travel tips before visiting Spain

Adesua Emmanuel 19 October


Spain is a beautiful European country, with its cultural influences spread throughout the world. this country is a top place to visit, from the palaces of Seville to the Architectural masterpieces of Barcelona to the museums and cathedrals of Madrid there is always something for all willing visitors. Also a megadiverse nation, it holds many natural attractions and for lovers of wildlife and nature, you sure are in for a wonderful time and for all fun-seekers, the clubs and resorts of Ibiza provide a wonderful attraction. Needless to say, there is always something for all visitors, therefore it is very important that as a visitor you should have some travel tips that would guide you and ensure your time here is as enjoyable and fruitful as possible. This article aims to provide some of these tips that you may need, because no matter how prepared you think you are, Spain always offers something new. 


Explore different regions


While visitors to a new country tend to stick to popular cities and landmarks, if you are in search of a fresh breath of air and new experiences you are advised to keep all regions in mind, you should check out the northern region, while not very popular it offers new cultural experiences, great natural landmarks and perhaps the best cuisines. This would ensure you have a great time. You can also during this time get souvenirs to take back home.


Try regional dishes and way of life


Apart from the usual, that's sight-seeing, hiking, and festivals visitors must explore the local side of a country to enjoy a full cultural experience, this includes exploring neighbourhoods, diners, and taverns, trying out local dishes and festivals, and importantly learning a little of the regional dialect to be able to move around and learn more. These activities would ensure visitors would have a good time and you would be pleasantly surprised as to the myriad of fun experiences you stand to gain when you go down this less-trodden route to visiting Spain.


Plan your trip properly


To enjoy Spain to the fullest, you should plan your trip well and pick a good period to visit, late July and all of August is the prime holiday season and it is advisable not to visit during this time, apart from high temperatures, it tends to be overcrowded and therefore not a good time to visit, early summer or early autumn would be the best time to visit and take in the many pleasures this country has to offer, also the landmarks are not overbooked during this time so you can have an authentic experience.


Finally, Spain is relatively safe but it would not hurt to take care of your belongings, keep them close and also safeguard yourself from petty crimes, this would ensure you have a good time.


The Islamic influence in Spain


For more than 700 years the moors ruled Spain until the end of the Reconquista, this period was a golden period of learning, peace, interrelationships, and great feats of beauty and architecture. A whole treatise can be written on this period in Spain's history but right now especially in Andalusia there are many remnants of this period in time, from the beautiful Alhambra Palace in Granada to the Alcazar in Seville, to the exotic Cordoba mosque-cathedral these landmarks would take your breath away and give you an appreciation of the beauty that was present in this period in time, the moors also left their landmark in food and way of life of the Spanish people.


Make sure you soak in one big festival


Spain is a beautifully diverse country culturally and there are so many festivals that it is sometimes hard to keep track of them all, so for tourists, it is possible to time your visit and experience one big festival. These festivals are always spectacular and would take your breath away, from the Fallas celebration in Valencia to the La Tomatina in the beautiful town of bunol to the colourful feria de Abril in Seville there is always a festival to participate in and I assure you the experience would never leave you the same. You would always cherish these beautiful memories for life.


The Spanish schedule is different


Travelling from one country to another sometimes involves changing time zones and while this can prove to be nothing for some, for others it can prove to be challenging. But Spain adds a whole new dimension to it, here apart from having to deal with changing time zones you may find that the schedule for things here is different. People eat lunch as late as 2 pm and the go for siesta which is always between the time of 2 pm-4 pm, while this is a beautiful tradition it may prove strange to visitors who may have to find out that lunchtime stretches as far as 8 pm and most restaurants are not open for dinner until around that time it is pretty normal to have dinner as late as 10 pm and this may prove difficult for new visitors. Although it should be noted that this doesn't mean you have to go hungry, Spain has a tapas culture where you are served these snacks regularly and you would not go hungry. This slow schedule of things also means people are a bit lax about appointments and unofficial meetings with friends, family, and other gatherings don't usually start on time.


The public transportation is excellent.


I am sure after learning about how things start slowly in Spain, you have some suspicions about their public transport system but be rest assured it is the best there is, they always stick to time, and the buses and train leave as scheduled. There is a fast train system linking major cities and ensuring you always get to your destinations on time, it is also cheap and affordable but for budget travellers you can try out the bus, it is very affordable and connects major cities too.