The best Greek islands you should pay a visit

Adesua Emmanuel 13 October

Greece is a very beautiful country, famed for its historic relics, sandy beaches, and exotic landscape, with a landmass that is eighty percent mountainous and filled with hundreds of islands it holds numerous attractions for tourists, you have probably heard people wax lyrically about the beauty of the islands of Greece, you must have wondered if the online hype of the white-washed buildings of Santorini is worth it, well I am here to tell you it is, these islands are beautiful and possess numerous attractions that would surely take your breath away, but given there are more than 200 islands in Greece, you most likely cant explore them all, therefore this article is here to guide you and reveal the beauties of some of these islands and why it is important you see them.




Particularly popular for its nightlife and fun parties. The Greek island of Mykonos is the place to be if you want to experience the reveries that Greece can provide this is the place to be, particularly popular among celebrities and revellers Mykonos offers so much. From exotic beaches to bars and high rise hotels to resorts there is always something for everyone, there are also quiet and homely diners all around which offer the island’s finest in food and drink, for lovers of art and classical Greek antiquity there is also an island named Delos nearby that contains ruins of temples and sanctuaries that were dedicated to Apollo the Greek god of light. 




Perhaps Greece's most popular island but definitely its most populous. This island is mostly mountainous and represents one of the most popular tourist attractions of Greece, from exotic beaches, large luxury hotels, camping facilities, and high rise hotels there are many attractions for all visitors. For visitors to this island, attractions include the archaeological site of the old Minoan civilization, the port city of Chania, castles, islands, and palm beaches. There is also the palm beach of Vai which particularly counts as the largest natural palm forest in Europe, the pink-hued beaches of Elafonsi, and the Idaean Cave which according to some legends serves as the mythical birthplace of Zeus. If you also explore this island you can find homely and lovely diners in the mountain where you can explore local cuisines and have so much fun eating local meals and taking the local beverage. Receiving millions of visitors every year this island offers many attractions to visitors and lovers of beauty, art, classical Greek history, and more.  




Perhaps Greece most iconic island in recent times, the hype of this beautiful island dominates online conversations on where to visit and it has blessed us with some iconic pictures, for people who are celebrating their love or visiting for the first time and who are not drawn to the party scenes of Mykonos, this island is perfect. Blessed with black sand beaches, rugged cliffs, and picturesque scenes this beautiful island offers many attractions for the willing visitor from the wonderful views to hot springs at palia Kameni. There are also wineries, diners, and hotels that offer the best dishes and drinks this island has to offer while preserving the homely feel, there is also the preserved city of Akrotiri for those who are attracted to history and ancient excavations. This island offers so much and should surely be the first stop for all first-time viewers and those who just want to enjoy a quiet and blissful time. 





Close to Mykonos, this island offers a calm from the bubbly nature of Mykonos and for lovers of quiet and classical Greek antiquity, this is the best place to enjoy a holiday. The mythical birthplace of Apollo this island was a religious hub in the past, attractions include ruins of Doric temples, amphitheatres, statues, and a museum displaying the artifacts from this ancient spot. These landmarks offer attraction for all visitors, there are also nature landmarks and attractions for whoever wants to visit, you can take hikes along the seaside, walk along with the archaeological sites and just revel in the dive to the past you are exposed to. This particular island is the best place to visit if you want exposure to ancient Greece.

This article aims to explore the numerous islands of Greece, but it can only do so much, many






This island is like a dive into the past, although there have been many efforts to renovate it and give it a new look there are many ruins that would give you an insight into ancient European past. Rhodes island is blessed with beachside resorts and exotic dinners. There are also remnants of its occupation during the crusades such as medieval archways and the palace of the grandmasters, this palace now serves as a history museum and holds numerous attractions for lovers of art, history, and beauty. There are also roman ruins, ottoman relics, byzantine churches, and minarets that would inspire awe in all who visit, you can also explore local diners and be treated to the exotic native dishes this island has to offer.




If you want to dive into a world of lush landscapes, rugged mountainsides, beautiful beaches, and a diverse mix of cultural influences then Corfu is the place to be. With its beautiful homely villages, exotic seaside resorts, and architectural masterpieces displaying the wild mix of Venetian, French and British influences this island has been open to, a visit would assure you that you are in for a nice time. In Corfu town, there are beachside resorts, Venetian palaces, medieval quarters and so much more. This island has some of the world's best beaches in Europe, coupled with some exotic nature landmarks. You can visit nearby taverns where you would be served native Corfu dishes, visitors can also check nearby rivers, caves, and nature resorts where you would surely have a nice time.