Fun Activities you can do in Nepal

Adesua Emmanuel 15 December

A visit to its beautiful national parks


As earlier stated Nepal is blessed with beautiful landscapes and rich biodiversity and for visitors with an adventurous spirit, a visit should start with a visit to one of its national parks. In this article special attention would be given to perhaps Nepal's most popular national park, the Chitwan national park. A world heritage site, this park is blessed with rich biodiversity, from exotic and rare bird species to crocodiles, rare insects and butterflies, and even rarer mammals such as the horned rhinoceros, Bengal tigers, Indian leopards, sloth bears, otters, hyenas and so much more. This beautiful park is a sight to behold and there is no shortage of marvels. There is always something lurking in the corner that would take your breath away by its sheer beauty. Inside this park also there is a religious site for lovers of religious heritage.


Bungee Jumping


Nepal is home to very tall peaks and deep ravines and so naturally one of the most popular adventurous activities you can participate in is bungee jumping, there are many spots where you can join in this fun activity but the most popular jump is found close to Tibetan outskirts a 3hour drive from Kathmandu, this jump is over a 160m gap with the pearly Bhote Koshi river underneath. The rush you get cannot be quantified and the feeling is unexplainable, you just have to try it out to know. It is a feeling that you would take away with you and remember for the rest of your life.  


Mountain Climbing


For the especially daring few who have what it takes, peak climbing is one of the most adventurous if not the most adventurous thing you would ever get to do. Home to some of the tallest peaks in the world including the gigantic mount Everest, these mountains offer a test of grit, courage, and determination to the bravest ones. From the base trek to the climb to the top. This test is the hardest which has crushed the spirit of even the best mountain climbers but for the bravest ones who can climb to the top of these tall peaks despite the many obstacles, you join an elite club of adventurers who can achieve the near-impossible and for many, the feeling is indescribable, so much that it would give you the satisfaction that many can only dream of.




Nepal is the dream destination for treks, hikes, and nature walk. There is a wide array of options for nature lovers to pick from. From grassy plains to snow-capped glaciers, there is always something for you. A country of peaks, in different regions. Hikers can pick one out of the available options and explore beauty all around them. One of Nepal's most popular trekking spots would be the Mount Everest base camp. The trek at the base camp is tasking and exhilarating at the same time, although it is not the same as a summit to the top, for people who want to say they have spent time at mountain Everest without going through the danger of attempting a mountain Everest summit, this is the perfect activity to participate in. it occurs over increasing altitudes and offers a test of physical and mental strength over 12-14 days, In the end, you can boast of having climbed to the base of the world highest mountain.




Nepal is one of the world best destinations for paragliders and the reason is not far-fetched, blessed with beautiful hikes and exotic scenery Nepal is a paraglider’s paradise, one of the best regions for this sport is Pokhara, this region has good jump spots, departure and landing zones with stunning views of the Himalayan ranges. There are also nice hotels and good diners around for a full cultural experience. There are also lakes, streams, and ravines all around the region that offer a beautiful view as you glide along its peaks.




The Pokhara region is popular for its exotic peaks and scenery and apart from paragliding, you can try out skydiving in this region. Nepal is blessed with many of the world tallest peaks and therefore offer the most exciting skydiving experiences in the world, one of the most popular if not the most popular is the mountain Everest skydive, where you ascend to the summit of the world tallest peak in a plane and skydive, due to the exotic nature of this jump, it is expensive and slots are limited since it is the world most extreme skydive. This skydive offers an exciting experience that cannot be described succinctly in words, you just have to experience it and it is definitely worth the effort. But for others, there are nearby peaks and skydive experiences you can try out which would surely provide a lot of excitement to adventurous spirits.  


Nepal is a beautiful country that is definitely worth exploring, it offers so much to visitors who love nature and exciting experiences. For visitors, you must maintain basic safety precautions, obey rules at all times and you would be fine. Nepal is a generally safe country and for tourists with an adventurous spirit who want to have a nice time it offers so much. So what are you waiting for, take that leap today and visit this beautiful country and I assure you, you would go back home with tales and excitement to last a lifetime.