Must-Know Travel Tips before going on a Safari Trip

Adesua Emmanuel 15 December


Africa without a doubt is the most exciting continent in the world, warm and yet mysterious. Its lush richness welcomes you and once you have a true taste of Africa it never lets you go you cannot just have enough. For lovers of wildlife and nature who desire a visit to this continent, a safari trip is the best option. Here you can explore nature reserves, watch mammals, predators, and prey in their natural habitat and also go bird-watching. All these you get to do under the best weather conditions and the gaze of the proud African sun. this article aims to give specific tips on how to have the best safari trip, things to pack, budget, and hidden gems to explore so you can have the best safari trip.

Plan your budget and time


Africa is a beautiful continent and it's most likely once you experience it, you would want more, but it is important to plan your budget. Know how much you want to spend where you want to spend them and how you want to spend them because in truth safari trips are not cheap, they cost a bit so it is very important you have an idea of how much you want to spend ahead and on which reserves, then you can add some more to your budget for emergencies. Also when you are on a safari trip, your time is sacred and important, ask questions from the safari guides if you are on a guided trip so you can know the best hours for you to see a wild game, the best places for their sightings and know how to capture these moments, this would ensure you plan your time so you do not snooze or lose precious sightings.


Plan your trip


Now before you leave the comfort of your home to embark on this safari trip, you must plan. You would need to talk to a good and insightful safari expert so you can get the best value for your money, this expert would of course know the best reserves to visit for the best sightings, would help you get good reservations around these reserved and would help plan your travel. The web cannot replace the experience of a good safari expert, if you are a bird lover a trip to the Maasai Mara conservation is not the best idea you would want to prioritize a visit to the Kruger national park in South Africa instead, but if you love a sighting of the big five and you are in awe of the magnificent Serengeti migration then the former is the place to be. Obvious information like this and other little bits and gems is what you would get with a good safari expert.  


Keep an open mind


To truly enjoy your visit to Africa, you must keep an open mind and try to be as flexible as possible, Africa is a beautiful continent and it presents new cultures, climate, and challenges. So you must prepare ahead for all eventualities, from mosquito and other insect bites to warm climate and dry air. You should research the parks you plan to visit and the health challenges that you may likely face, so you can decide if you want to visit or not. Some of these parks are at precariously high altitude which is dangerous for some people so the right information would help you to plan the best possible trip. But in all flexibility would help ensure you have a good time after all you are here for the memories.


What to pack


The list of things to pack differs for each sex, but in general you should pack soft-sided waterproof travel bags that would not draw you down, they would not also be an issue with travel agencies and airlines, depending on the trip you plan to take too, it would ensure your belongings don't get wet or infested with insects, also a mosquito and insect repellent is a must-have. For lovers of photography and definitely anybody who wants to document his or her experiences, you should pack light and efficient cameras which would make things infinitely better. Ladies should back the right clothes including good sports wears to ensure the journey is stress-free. Pen, pencils, and notebooks would do you a lot of good if you plan to document your experiences, a good electrical adapter would also do you a world of good. Then last but not least you should pack along a good pair of binoculars, it would greatly enhance your safari experience and make your game viewing surreal.


Safari Activities and Accommodation


Depending on who you are going on this trip with, maybe a loved one or the whole family, it is important to plan the trip to the last, from what you would be doing on the journey, sights to see and where you would lodge, for your accommodation keep in mind the kind of lodging you are booking and the kind of relationship they share with the community, it is always a pointer on how they would treat you, also plan within your budget. Another important gem is you should prioritize communal eating, it allows for a more intimate experience and coupled with songs and dances exposes you to the magic of Africa. Now for the activities you have planned, if you are planning a safari trip with the whole family, diversity is important to keep the children interested, and to ensure they have a nice time, you can mix in sports activities, boat trips, and journey to local communities.


This article aims to give tips on how to have the best safari journey, although we have discussed the issue extensively we have barely scratched the surface, nothing can prepare you extensively for the real experience, therefore, it is important you keep an open mind and I assure you, the magic of Africa that you earnestly came to experience is worth the trouble.