Asia's must visit Holiday Destinations

Adesua Emmanuel 13 August




I am half sure you have never heard of the beautiful country of Bhutan except you are an avid follower of conservation practices all around the world but I assure you this beautiful landlocked country has many attractions for all lovers of nature and beauty.  Starting from the beautiful tiger nest monastery with its famed hike, popular temples, and dzongs such as the Punakha Dzong, the Tashichho dzong, and beautiful museums such as the national museum of Bhutan. This country only allows for pre-planned trips so you must work with a good tourist agency which would ensure you have a wonderful time.


Kathmandu, Nepal


Moving on we would talk on another beautiful tourist attraction which is Khatmandu in Nepal. This beautiful city is also Nepal’s largest, home to many beautiful temples and filled with religious influences including Nepal’s holiest Buddhist site, BOUDHANATH, which is also a world heritage site and also Swayambhu, which is home to exotic holy monkeys and is one of the oldest temples in Nepal. Tourists with a love of foreign cultures and religions would find this ancient and beautiful city a paradise. Also at an elevation of about 1400 meters, this beautiful city serves as a gateway to the Himalayas, climbers from all over the world also come here to set off their 15-day long Everest trip. This city also offers attractions such as colourful festivals and busy markets filled with wonders for all interested.  





Moving on we would visit a beautiful attraction in the Philippines, the exotic Palawan region, filled with riches and surprises for willing tourists, these attractions include the Puerto Princesa subterranean river national park, a world heritage site, Kayangan lake, the barracuda lake, the secret lagoon, seven commandos beach, and the attractive Calacuit island national park. This region offers sites for water games and numerous other attractions. 



Bejing, China


Moving on to a popular city in China, which is Beijing china, one of the most populous cities in the world, this beautiful city is filled with numerous tourist attractions, from ancient buildings and walkways to the imperial summer palace and its gardens, ancient canals and the forbidden city which is a palace complex that has served the Emperors for hundreds of years. This forbidden city filled with hundreds of buildings is one of china's biggest tourist attractions. Beijing has at least 7 world heritage sites, so be rest assured you are in for a wondrous time.



Phuket, Thailand  


Moving on we would touch another marvellous tourist attraction found in the beautiful country of Thailand. The beautiful island of Phuket. This beautiful island is blessed with some of the most beautiful beaches you can find anywhere, there are also beautiful coral attractions which line the coastline and offers premium opportunities for snorkelling and diving. There are other top attractions in this beautiful island ranging from the popular Thai Hua museum which offers creative cultural exhibits to the Wat Chalong a popular Buddhist temple that also has an attractive 45-meter tall statue. There are many popular and fun festivals on this island that would surely catch your fancy.

Asia is a beautiful continent with a diverse and rich past and a large number of beautiful attractions. Asia is a large continent and offers much in both attractions and historic sites. For lovers of culture, beauty, art, and nature. I assure you there is always something for everybody. For those who need a crazy rush of fun experiences, I assure you there is something for everybody from the majestic beauties of Hong-Kong to the snow-capped mountainous marvels of Fiji to the ancient and beautiful great wall of china, there is always something for everybody and this article aims to provide a brief review of some beautiful attractions in Asia.  





Cambodia is a beautiful country filled with ancient ruins and holy temples, wonderful attractions in this beautiful country include the Angkor wat complex which counts as the biggest religious monument in the world, the Bayon temple, ta Prohm temple, Angkor Thom complex, the royal palace complex and so much more. For lovers of beauty, and religion. A visit to these complexes would fill you with a sense of marvel, beauty, and awe. 


Jaipur, India


We would start with a beautiful attraction in India which is Jaipur. India is a tourist paradise but apart from its popular cities Delhi and Mumbai there is a beautiful lesser-known beauty which is Jaipur, apart from being arguably being the most beautiful city in India, this renowned pink city is blessed with a rich mix of craftsmen which produce beautiful works of art. In this city complex, there are also wonderful attractions such as the Jal Mahal palace which is found in the middle of the Man Sagar Lake. This beautiful palace is a beautiful showcase of the Rajput style of architecture. Other beautiful attractions that would surely catch your fancy are the Amber Palace, the Hawa Mahal, and the popular city palace.




Moving on to the beautiful country of Vietnam, ravaged by civil war and unrests in the past this country has done much to rebuild itself and it now possesses many marvellous attractions that would surely catch the fancy of willing visitors.  Top attractions in Vietnam include the Ho Chi Minh mausoleum in Hanoi, the marble mountains found south of Da nang city in Vietnam and the cat ba island but Vietnam best tourist attraction is the beautiful and ancient city of Hoi An blessed with some of Asia's oldest ports, a world heritage site, and many more beautiful attractions. This city retains many of its original architecture and it would always catch the fancy of all willing visitors, coupled with colourful festivals, beautiful museums and ancient monuments it would be obvious that you are in for a wonderful time.




Moving on to beautiful Singapore this country is a financial powerhouse and one of the most beautiful countries to visit in Asia, popular attractions in this beautiful country include the Sentosa resort which is a beautiful resort which also has the tiger sky tower which has beautiful panoramic views. Other attractions in this exotic country include the gardens by the bay, the Merlion Park and the popular universal studio amusement park, these and many more attractions would ensure you have a good time.  


Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka is a beautiful country and has numerous attractions such as the Sigiriya fortress, the Dambulla royal cave temple, and other beautiful religious relics. You can also see the diverse and exotic wildlife of Sri Lanka in national parks such as the Yala national park and the elephant orphanage. These parks and religious relics would always inspire a sense of marvel and wonder among visitors.  


I believe this article aims to give an insight into the beautiful attractions in Asia and encourage you to book that trip today and I assure you, you are in for a wonderful time.