The best Christmas Destinations you Shouldn't miss visitng

Adesua Emmanuel 13 August


The Christmas period comes with a special feeling, it is a time of beauty and happiness, after all, we are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. It is a fun period to spend with family and friends and for most people, Christmas evokes images of cuddly times near the fireplace, chicken dinners, and presents. But you can also travel during this period and enjoy this period with other people and get exposed to novel cultures. These destinations are always fun to visit but they have an added edge during the Christmas period. Let us start talking on these beautiful travel spots.  


Burges, Belgium:


We start in the beautiful city of Bruges, Belgium. The beautiful capital of West Flanders is a popular holiday spot, distinguished by its beautiful canals, cobbled streets and medieval buildings, it also has ancient and beautiful monuments such as a 47-bell carillon and an 83m tower which provides wonderful views, coupled with the beautiful Belgian cuisines you would be able to find here I am sure you are in for a wonderful time. There is also a beautiful ice rink located near the downtown Christmas market. 


Tokyo, Japan:  


We move on to another beautiful holiday attraction the beautiful city of Tokyo, at Christmas this beautiful capital outdoes itself during winter celebrations from beautiful decorations and wonderful light all around you a visit here would surely take your breath away, you can also check out wonderful attractions such as the blue cavern which also create a wonderful blue light illumination and can stay at the Aman Tokyo which provides exquisite comfort and relaxation for all involved.


Getty, Dublin:


Moving on to another picturesque travel destination, Getty Dublin. Located in the heart of Ireland, this beautiful city offers many fun attractions for Christmas lovers ranging from exciting pubs where you can have fun meals and drinks with all involved to extended Christmas markets, fun stores and beautiful tree lightings which would always evoke a sense of wonder and marvel from all involved. To get into the wonderful spirit of Christmas you must visit the wonderful annual Baroque orchestra's annual production of Handel's messiah which always occur at the beautiful St Patrick's cathedral, you should also stay in the beautiful Westbury which has fun views and which would surely ensure you have a wonderful time.  Most cities you would visit during this period, it would be the winter season, however, if you are looking to dodge the winter season, you can decide to visit the beautiful city of cape town in South Africa, this city offers many fun attractions for Christmas visitors in this period, ranging from a visit to the imposing table mountain from which you are treated to wonderful views of the city, to get into the Christmas spirit you can visit the beautiful Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens where you would be treated to a wonderful outdoor show of how the Grinch stole Christmas. You should also stay at the beautiful Twelve Apostles hotels and spa where I am sure you would have a wonderful time. 


Dubai, UAE:


The pearl of the middle east and an icon of beauty and elegance, a visit to Dubai during Christmas is a wonderful idea because you know Dubai would always treat you to a wonderful time, I mean cone on its Dubai. From beautiful tree lightings all around town and beautiful attractions for all willing shoppers, you would surely enjoy your time here. Another thing to get into the Christmas spirit is a visit to the cirque de cuisine found at Atlantis, the palm is surely a wonderful idea, there are also light displays at the Abu Dhabi and other similar pearly beauties.


All of Germany:


Germany is a beautiful and well-run country and wonderful spot to spend and enjoy Christmas, cities such as Nuremberg, cologne, and Hamburg run fun Christmas markets for all lovers of fun and beauty, and who wish to enjoy a good time, you should also go for sleigh rides and go skiing in this picturesque country and I assure you, you would go back home with wonderful fun tales. Lithuania is a beautiful country and it becomes a winter wonderland during the Christmas season, with beautiful Christmas trains that weave through the old town, fun nativity stories, and beautiful Christmas villages, you are sure in for a wonderful ride. You should check out the beautiful Christmas tree to get into the Christmas spirit and also spend your time in the exotic Kempinski Hotel cathedral square which would surely ensure you have a wonderful Christmas time.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:  


 Rio de Janeiro is a beautiful city that is synonymous with the Christ the Redeemer statue this beautiful city outdoes itself during the Christmas season, a beautiful seaside country famed for its Copacabana and Ipanema beaches which would surely ensure all Christmas visitors have a wonderful time, this city also hosts the world largest nativity scenes during the Christmas period in its annual crib festival, you should also enjoy a ride around the Rodrigo Freitas lagoon to get a beautiful view of the world largest floating Christmas tree and I am sure you would have a wonderful time in this beautiful city.


Sydney, Australia:  


The final holiday spot we would mention is Sydney. This beautiful city in Australia which is famed for its beautiful opera house outdoes itself during the Christmas season, I mean you haven’t seen Christmas lights until you see Sydney light decorations not even the beautiful city of Tokyo comes close, plus the holiday season lasts a whole month in Sydney starting from the 23rd of November to the 25th of December, there are also beautiful attractions in Sydney ranging from Christmas markets to tree lightings and fun night concerts. You should also check the marvellous and huge twinkling LEDs at the Pitt street mall boulevard of light. You can also enjoy wonderful cuisines at the memorable restaurants on display in this beautiful city and I am sure you would surely have a wonderful time.  


This article aims to provide an insight into the wonderful cities you can travel to, so you can enjoy a wholesome Christmas experience, I mean Christmas is a season of joy, happiness, and fulfilment and there is no better way to enjoy it more than visiting new cities and creating memorable experiences that would last you for a lifetime, so what are you waiting for, book that trip today and I assure you, you are in for a wonderful time.