Must try Italian Dishes on your next trip to Italy

13 October


Italy is a very beautiful and culturally diverse country, from music to arts to cuisines there is so much to explore and taste in this beautiful boot-shaped country. People always say the most difficult thing about trying out dishes in Italy is that there is just so much to eat and you have so little space in your stomach to put them in. there are many ravishing dishes in Italy that one just has to experience and so little time to go through them all, it also makes it very difficult for me to write this article, but I must try. I have been given a very important duty, I am to lead you on and show you the way regarding the wide repertoire of delicious cuisines that can be found in Italy and I would give my best. This article therefore would talk about some meals that you need to try as long as you are in Italy.



Fiorentina steak


A key ingredient of the best Italian dishes is exclusivity and the Fiorentina dish passes this qualification with flying colours, this steak is made from a specific cut of meat from a specific cow, reared specially for this purpose in this particular region. Most times it involves a steak cut thick at least to about 5 centimetres from the loins of a Chianina cow raised in Tuscany, the meat must be at room temperature before cooking starts it is then cooked for about 5 minutes on both sides and no flavours are added except maybe salt, this is done until the outside is cooked and the inside is still rare. Although this steak must be done in a particular way, some diners make variations of them. For some people, the meat must not always be from the Chianina breed and the Florentines prefer the meat cut higher, which is different for Tuscans beyond the capital of Florence, who prefer a lower cut which is usually smooth and melts easily in the mouth this two variations create different tastes but whichever one you chose to enjoy, it is still a very enjoyable dish that would leave an after-taste in your mouth that would not be quickly forgotten.





Like most Italian dishes the origin of the special dishes that can be made with lasagna are hotly contested, lasagna is a wide flat pasta noodle but from Bologna where it is made with the popular Bolognese sauce and Ragu or meat sauce, to other regions such as Palermo who offer recipes such as the "sfinciuni" lasagna is always at the heart of many Italian dishes and a visit to any popular region would not be complete without trying their particular variation of lasagna meals. A taste of it.




Supposedly born in Naples, although this claim is disputed throughout Italy, this dish is a must-try when you visit Italy. This dish is symbolic to Italy and you have to try it especially if you are in Naples where the Margherita pizza was made supposedly on the behest of queen Margherita, made with tomato sauce, mozzarella, and basil creating the perfect combination. This pizza also displays the national colours of Italy. Today in Italy there are two typical combinations of pizza to choose from, they are the Roman-style pizza and the traditional Neapolitan-style pizza. There are some basic differences between these two dishes and you should do well and try either of them, but be rest assured they are really good and a taste would leave you savouring for more.





Pasta is almost synonymous with Italy but if there is one variation of pasta you should try it's the carbonara because a good well made one would surely blow your mind away. A roman speciality but some diners still get it wrong. It is made from spaghetti, eggs, pecorino cheese, cured guanciale, and black pepper. There are variations but this is the original recipe and if properly done it is perfect, so to ensure you eat the best kind available take recommendations from locals who are interested in good dishes and I assure you, you would not come back the same.


Italy is a big and beautiful country with so many exotic and enjoyable dishes and subsequent variations that cannot be fully explored within the context of just one article,  nevertheless, this article has provided an expose into some of Italy's popular meals, although the dishes and their variations differ from region to region, as a visitor who wants to have the best culinary experience it is advisable you have a list in mind, get close to a local who knows the best diners around and go with an open mind and have fun and I assure you the experience would not leave you the same.





Polenta is one starch diet that was eaten in the northern part of Italy from time immemorial, this corn mush was originally made from whichever starch was available but after sometime corn was the primary ingredient for this dish. When properly made this diet is a very good and exotic one and it can be eaten with meat, varieties of broths and so much more which would surely ensure you have a wonderful culinary experience.  In cities like Milan Venice or Turin, you should not miss this great dish.





Another common starch dish in Italy is rice which is often made into the creamy and delicious risotto. It was brought to Italy by the Arabs in the 13th century but northern Italy is where most of the rice production in Italy takes place, therefore it is expected that rice dishes are popular in this region. Risotto is made from rice mixed with stock and stirred into a semi-solid where other ingredients can be added on to it. The most popular risotto dish is perhaps the saffron-infused Milanese risotto dish. There exist other classic inventions too but whichever one of them you get to try, they would surely provide an enjoyable culinary experience.