The must see Attractions of Argentina

Adesua Emmanuel 9 September




This beautiful resort town in Argentina is a wonderful attraction for all lovers of beauty and exotic landscapes. It is also called the end of the world and claims the title as the world's southernmost city. It is a tourist hub and has numerous attractions for all visitors. Attractions include the beautiful end of the world lighthouse, contemporary museums, and festivals, the beautiful Tierra del Fuego national park with exotic wildlife and scenery. The maritime museum of Ushuaia also has numerous artefacts for visitors and also scale models of famous ships.  The Tierra del Fuego government house is also a beautiful attraction for visitors. For people who want to explore Antarctica, this city also serves as a popular starting point. 


Buenos Aires


The beautiful and exotic capital city of Argentina holds numerous attractions for all visitors. It is a culturally diverse city and a melting pot of music, books, theatre, arts, painting, dance, and fun. From exotic neighbourhoods where you can eat beautiful native dishes to dance clubs which would introduce you to numerous dance steps including the tango. There are numerous attractions for all. This city has the largest number of active theatres in the world, it also boasts of numerous cultural festivals and bodes numerous attractions for everyone. It is also home to the Kirchner cultural centre, the world-class Teatro colon and so much more. Found in the centre of this boisterous city is the plaza de mayo which has been the scene of numerous historic events and found near this city centre are popular buildings such as the cabildo and the Casa Rosada. Other attractions in this city include the many popular museums displaying world-class art pieces such as the MALBA museum.

Argentina is a beautiful country found in the southern cone region of Latin America. One of the largest economies in the developing world. this country has diverse landscapes from deserts, to green forests. It also has a diverse cultural heritage due to its link to Italy and Europe. From the bubbly neighbourhoods of Buenos Aires where you can explore exciting dishes and learn the iconic tango dance to fun art neighbourhoods such as La Boca and trendy districts such as Palermo. Other natural attractions include the world's largest groups of waterfalls such as the Iguazu Falls. This article aims to explore these top attractions. 


Iguazu Falls


These beautiful falls can be found in the Iguazu national park in the Misiones province. These falls are the world's largest falls all together among these falls is the iconic devil's throat. Found along the border of Brazil and Argentina, these falls got their name from a legend that says a deity planned to marry a beautiful woman named Naipi who fled with her mortal lover Taroba in a canoe. In a rage, this deity sliced the river creating the waterfalls condemning the lovers to an eternal fall. First lady Eleanor Roosevelt on seeing these falls exclaimed poor Niagara. These falls leave all visitors in awe. These falls can be found in a park and this park also boasts other wildlife attractions such as the coatis, jaguar and so much more and beautiful viewing platforms and hiking paths that would ensure you have a good time.




This beautiful city bodes numerous attractions for visitors from fountain parks to ecological spaces to wineries, museums, and impressive hikes and mountains. There are numerous attractions for all visitors. This city is filled with impressive architecture and is particularly popular among skiers and mountain climbing enthusiasts. Popular resorts such as the las penas and the Los penitentes are popular among skiers and provide wonderful terrain for them to enjoy their sport. Mountain climbers also come here aiming to get to the summit of the tallest mountain in the Americas the Aconcagua. Other attractions in this region include the popular Mercado central which is a bubbly market where you can purchase foodstuff and other produce. You can also check out nearby diners and taverns and enjoy a good time. 


There is no article on top attractions in Argentina that is complete without a mention of the Recoleta. This beautiful region is a beautiful area known for its beautiful townhouses, boutique diners and so much more. Attractions in this area include the national fine arts museums, the national library of Argentina, and the Recoleta cultural centre. But perhaps the biggest attraction in this area is the Recoleta cemetery which is home to beautiful carvings, extravagant tombs, and also stands as the resting place of iconic characters.


This article aims to explore beautiful attractions in this country but I assure you, Argentina is such as big and beautiful county and just one article cannot explore its many beautiful regions. It is also safe for tourists and boasts of numerous cultural influences, although it is good if you are a bit careful, follow safety instructions and learn the nuances of the region which you want to visit and I assure you, you are in for a wonderful time. 




The second-largest city in Argentina, this beautiful city has numerous attractions for all visitors, from 17th-century ruins and religious masterpieces such as the grand Cordoba cathedral. To rally-racing, beautiful music, and many more. Popular attractions in this city include the plaza de san martin which serves as the city centre which is also close to many masterpieces such as the cathedral of Cordoba. This beautiful cathedral is a thing of beauty and would inspire awe and reverence in all who see it. Its interior is also beautified with numerous frescos and beautiful paintings. Another popular stop for students of history would be the Museo de la memoria which is dedicated to the ugly memory of the dirty war and it has within it artefacts that would tell the story if this time in Argentina's history. There are also other popular parks and museums such as the Evita fine arts museum. These beauty spots would ensure you have a good time in this city.