The must sees sights & places to visit in Italy

Adesua Emmanuel 14 October

Italy is a beautiful country in southern Europe, one of the most popular travel destinations in the world Italy has so much to offer to visitors, from art treasures to museums filled with artifacts from civilizations long gone, there are also art festivals, carnivals, and delicious cuisines native to Italy that would ensure you have a nice time. The homeland of the roman empire, the feudal states, and the renaissance this country has left its landmark in virtually all parts of the world. It also boasts of having Rome "the eternal city" as its capital. perhaps the most culturally diverse country in the world, it has the largest number of heritage sites and has left its mark on virtually all facets of life from education to arts to music, cinema and so much more. It is therefore important that visitors to this country plan their trip properly and depending on their needs and wants they can have fun and go back home with a lot of pleasurable memories. This article aims to explore the best places for visitors to visit and give an insight to readers who may want to take that step and travel.


This article aims to explore the best places to visit in Italy and I assure you no article can do justice to the beauty inherent in this country, but this article should do enough to convince you to take that step and visit. Italy is a developed and safe country but you must take basic safety precautions to heart and ensure you obey basic safety rules, you should also protect against petty crimes, but in general, Italy is a tourist hotspot and a visit there would ensure you always come away with a myriad of fun experiences.





Milan is a city that presents a unique mix of the present and the past, from high-brow fashion shows, exotic shopping malls to massive gothic cathedrals, opera houses, and museums there is always something for out the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II for your exotic shopping, you can listen to the finest of opera music at the Teatro Alla Scala where the best composers perform. There are also castles, basilicas, bridges, and architectural monuments that inspire beauty and awe everywhere you turn in this city. Milan also has on display in its museums some of the finest renaissance art and within the confines of this city, you can find Leonardo's da Vinci last supper painting which is found in the refectory of the Convent of Santa Maria Delle Grazie. These and many more would ensure a visit to Milan is an unforgettable experience.  





The capital of Italy and dubbed as the eternal city this beautiful city has many landmarks and attractions for visitors, home to the Vatican-city, and its many monuments, catacombs, frescoes, and attractive sculpture. There are also many Roman relics in the city that draws millions of visitors every year. For lovers and enthusiasts who have learned about the rise and fall of the roman empire, there are many relics in this city that would catch your fancy. From the colosseum which was home to gladiatorial fights and where the blood of the early Christians was spilt to the amusement of the crowd, to the pantheon which serves as a landmark historical building and so much more, all around the city there are many ruins which detail many periods of the roman empire. All around town too there are museums which store and expose artefacts from this period down to the renaissance period, these artworks, paintings, and frescoes are displayed all around in different museums in the city and they would surely ensure you have a nice time and if you are not one for ruins, museums or artifacts, you can visit the town square where there would be fountains, plazas, bars, and diners which can expose you to the Italian war of life and their wonderful dishes and cuisines. Now Catholics and religious adherents can also visit the Vatican-city and go on its many tours where you can see many religious art-pieces, catacombs and so much more. In general, Rome is a beautiful city and one article or even a whole encyclopedia cannot do justice





Home of the famed Medici family and many famous artists, writers, diplomats, and authors this beautiful city has so much to offer to visitors. From Leonardo da Vinci to Michelangelo, to Machiavelli this city has birthed a lot of talents that have gone forward to leave their mark on all spheres of life. Famous attractions in this beautiful city include sculptures such as the perfect sculpture of David (patron of the city of Florence) which was done by Michelangelo to Perseus by Cellini and so much more there are also art galleries that display the exotic artworks by famed artists. Other attractions in this Tuscan capital include the fountain of Neptune, palaces such as the Palazzo Vecchio, the town square with famous plazas, diners, and restaurants nearby. Other attractions include the cathedral dome, bell tower, and exciting neighborhoods which offer many attractions for visitors. Florence is a city of nobles and is best experienced than imagined.




This island city’s beauty cannot be described adequately by even the most eloquent speakers or even the best writers in the world, it just has to be experienced. Millions of tourists troop in yearly to experience the beauty inherent in this city, which is located on hundreds of small islands linked together by canals and boats. There are many Diners fountains and plazas that provide authentic Italian experience for visitors. There are basilicas, palaces, and cathedrals that display exotic art-pieces that would excite visitors, they are also architectural and engineering marvels that would always excite visitors and take their breath away, the neighbourhood buildings and restaurants are also always beautiful to look at and a visit there would surely provide a pleasurable experience. These palaces are built in gothic style and are a marvellous attraction. The final stop of every visit to Venice should be a trip to the St mark tower, this tower provides a sweeping view of the city and would surely inspire wonder and a deep appreciation of beauty in all visitors.