Must-Try Japanese Dishes

Adesua Emmanuel 23 November



This dish is perhaps the most iconic of Japanese meals and it is the most popular in the western world, nowadays scarcely would you see a high-rise restaurant that does not offer varieties of this delicious roll. Made from seaweed, raw fish or shrimp, rice, ginger, salt, soy sauce, etc. this dish was brought to the US in the late 19th century and has since then gained popularity over the years to become the signature Japanese dish in the western world. this beautiful meal has gained many western varieties over the years such as the veggie roll and so much more.  




The Japanese are big on noodles, it is part of their everyday diet and one major noodle variety that they indulge on is Udon, thick and delicious this beautiful meal is traditionally made from brine water, and wheat. It is usually served with soup which is usually blessed with many garnishes, it can also be served in other ways such as mixed into stir-fries, cold with a tsuyu or tentsuyu soup base, or with popular noodle soup dishes such as kitsune udon tempura udon and chikara udon. Whichever way it is cooked and served, this noodle is a beautiful meal that would surely be enjoyed by all.  




Tofu is a perfect vegetarian meal but more than that this delicious meal has so much to offer for anyone willing to try it out. It is an enjoyable meal made from soy milk, it is frozen and then pressed into blocks they can be eaten cooked or uncooked with a wide variety of vegetables and when eaten in this way it offers a lot of health benefits and also delicious taste to your palate.




Lovers of Japanese anime particularly Naruto would be familiar with this noodle dish, a delicious noodle soup dish, this delicious meal would surely blow your mind away and exceed expectations, made from wheat noodles, and a delicious broth made from salt, soy sauce, tonkatsu pork bone and many other garnishes which may include, meat, fish, vegetables, onions, seaweed and many more. This meal is one of Japan’s most popular exports and can be found in hotels and restaurants that offer Japanese dishes. This dish is so popular in Japan that Tokyo offers a ride in a ramen themed park.




The Japanese cuisine is very diverse and satisfying, from noodles to rice to vegetables and fried protein there is always something to explore and enjoy. One very popular fried dish that should interest every lover of good food is Tempura, made from slices of fish, meat, and vegetables in a special tempura batter and deep-fried until they are crunchy. This delicious meal would surely blow your mind away, it tastes different from the usual western battered dish and usually contains pieces of small shellfish, vegetables, pumpkin, radish, and sweet potato, all of which adds to its delicious and special taste. Tempura can be eaten on its own or served with bowls of rice or noodles. Whatever way it is served tempura would offer a different kind of delight to your palate.  




This meal may sound weird to tourists but if you let go of your inhibitions and try it, you would not regret it. Made from raw fish/ meat expertly cut and garnished with radish, pickled ginger, wasabi, and soy sauce. This delicious meal would offer a new dimension to your culinary experience. It is served with fresh/fish or meat to reduce the risk of contamination and for a tastier meal. In all, it should be served with drinks and I assure you, you would not regret trying it out.




Ramen is a very popular meal in japan but this rice dish ranks closely also. Popular among workers and students, it is a rice soup that is made from fish, meat, vegetables, and steamed rice. The fish, vegetables, and meat are fried together and added to the steamed rice in bowls. There are many ingredients used to make this popular dish, the meat used could vary from chicken, pork to beef. Onions, veggies, and soy sauce are also popular additions. Some even add eggs. In all this is a popular delicious meal and is definitely worth trying out.




A popular Japanese winter dish. This hot pot soup is made from an assortment of protein and vegetables stewed together in a light broth seasoned with soy sauce and dashi in a large steaming pot then placed in the center of the table for all to enjoy. Dashi is made from bonito fish flakes, seaweed, and other delicious ingredients. This delicious meal is best enjoyed in the winter period where is serves to warm diners and give a delicious taste to their palate.  


Miso Soup


A very popular soup dish in japan. It is popularly made from miso paste which is a delicious paste made from fermented soybeans, other additions include dashi which is made from a variety of ingredients including fish flakes, vegetables and so much more. The miso soup can be enjoyed alone or eaten as a side dish with meals like rice as the main dish, it serves to give the overall meal a different taste and offers new dimensions of culinary enjoyment. It is a recommended dish for all willing lovers of delicious Japanese dishes.