The Amazing landmarks of South America

Adesua Emmanuel 13 August

South America is a beautiful continent filled with vibrant people, rich and diverse culture and historic sites that would surely catch your fancy, what is more, it is blessed with diverse landscapes and tourist attractions that would surely ensure all visitors to this beautiful continent have a good time, so let us start on the top attractions in Latin America.




We start from the delectable Patagonia that straddles both Argentina and Chile where the Andes mountain separates them. This beautiful region is blessed with beautiful mountains, valleys, lakes and so much more and it is better seen than imagined, it is a wonderful destination spot for all lovers of the utmost beauty that nature provides. It also has a very diverse ecosystem with many rare and beautiful animals and plants. It also has a rich avian and marine diversity. We could be here all day talking about the abundant beauties that the Patagonia region offers but only a visit can provide the utmost experience to all lovers of nature.


Bogota, Colombia: 


A beautiful capital, this city has a rich and diverse history and is filled with ancient and modern attractions ranging from beautiful cobblestone streets to museums, theatres, and libraries.  Top tourist attractions in this city include the historic bolivar square site of many protests and revolutions, popular museums such as the Gold Museum which contains the largest amount of gold artefacts in the world. Other attractions in this beautiful city include the Museo Nacional de Colombia and Bogota botanical gardens.




Moving on, we would talk on a beautiful holiday destination in Peru, which is Cusco once the capital of the Inca empire, if you are a fan of history and ancient marvels, you are surely in for a treat, this beautiful city is popular for its archaeological remains and also for the Spanish colonial culture that can be found here, it is also a designated heritage site, found in this beautiful city are walled Inca ruins, temples and palaces and I assure you a visit around this beautiful historic site would surely take your breath away.


Moving on we would talk about another popular tourist spot in Latin America which is Cartagena, a beautiful port city this city is famous for its beautiful castles such as the Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas which is a beautiful and iconic beautiful fortress which was built by the Spanish during the colonial era. It is also famous for monuments such as the palace of the inquisition, which now serves as a museum showcasing historical artefacts, it is also popular for the art, beauty, and culture on display and also for the beautiful nearby Rosario islands, famous as a beautiful spot to explore the ocean and play fun water games such as snorkelling and scuba diving.


Rio De Janeiro:  


Moving on to a popular holiday destination in Latin America, the beautiful seaside city Rio de Janeiro, popular for the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue, its beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife a visit to this city would always provide a marvellous experience for all who are willing, not forgetting all year round this city offers you a peek into its fun and rich carnival culture which would surely provide an experience that would blow your mind away. 




A mention of Latin America is not complete without a mention of the fascinating and beautiful capital of Argentina Buenos Aires, this beautiful city is famous for its rich culture, street art, delicious cuisines, football and tango which is believed to have originated here. Wonderful tourist attractions are the Casa Rosada, the Recoleta cemetery, the plaza de mayo and so much more. The Casa Rosada is the presidential palace and serves as the office of the president of Argentina, there are also tours for all willing visitors. The Recoleta cemetery is one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the world and is home to many famous internments; many past presidents, Nobel prize winners, popular sports icons and so much more. I assure you a visit to this beautiful city would surely blow your mind away. 


Lima, Peru


Moving on to one of the most beautiful capitals in the world, the beautiful capital of Peru which is Lima, this beautiful city with a rich and diverse culture, delicious cuisines and historical monuments is host to many popular tourist attractions such as the Plaza de Armas de lima which has a deep past and stands as a monument as the birthplace of lima, the Larco museum, the Huaca Pucllana which are ruins of the Inca empire.  Other fun spots to check out include the palace and seat of the government, part of the reserve, and the Basilica convent de san Francisco de lima. This beautiful city also has fun surfing spots and beautiful must-see markets. 


It seems like we are only providing previews of the capitals of Latin countries but these beautiful cities have so much to offer to all willing visitors, Quito is the second-highest capital in the world and offers so much to all who are willing to explore this beautiful country. It has a beautifully preserved historic centre and is a designated historic site. Wonderful attractions in this beautiful country include a beautiful monument and plaza marking the equator, the TeleferiQo which is popular for mountain hikes and offers unique and beautiful sceneries. Other attractions in this beautiful city include the basilica of the national vow and also the Pichincha volcano.  


Lastly, we would like to explore the beautiful Easter Island in Chile, famous for its beautiful archaeological monuments, it is particularly famous its nearly 1000 monumental statues, it is a designated heritage site and it is home to these statues, artefacts and other remnants of an ancient culture. I assure you all visitors to this island would develop a sense of reverence and awe when exposed to the beauty on this island. The aim of this article is to expose all tourists to the beautiful attractions in Latin America and to give you a peek into all the fun and marvellous experiences you would enjoy so what are you waiting for, a book that trip today and I assure you, you are in for a wonderful ride.