Must See Places To Visit In Sri Lanka

Adesua Emmanuel 5 August


Sri Lanka is a beautiful island country in South Asia. It is home to diverse cultures due to a mixed population who settled and flourished here due to its strategic location and its importance as a major trading hub. It was a popular trading centre in luxury goods and spices. A largely Buddhist state, it has a rich cultural heritage, and the first Buddhist writing in this beautiful country dates as far back as the 29BC. It should be noted that country is currently recovering from a long civil war but it is currently safe for travels and it has a large number of beautiful sites and spots which would ensure you would have a pleasurable experience. For tourists to this beautiful island country, you must plan your activities so you can have a pleasurable experience and also prevent you from being overwhelmed. There are many attractions for visitors to this beautiful gem of a country and I am sure I cannot mention all of its attractions in this article but I hope to give you enough insight.


The Sigiriya Fortress


Most visitors to Sri Lanka start their tour by visiting the Sigiriya fortress. One of Sri Lanka’s most popular attractions, this beautiful and ancient rock fortress is truly a marvel of architecture. A designated heritage site, this beautiful rock fortress is located about 200m high. it is a relic of ancient urban planning and it contains abandoned palaces, waterways, walls, and beautiful and well-planned gardens. Other attractions in this beautiful relic of old include the mirror wall, the gigantic lion sculpture, and beautifully imaginative frescos. These frescos depict the beauty of ancient art and would always evoke awe in everyone who visits.  


The Dambulla Cave Temple:  


Moving on from the Sigiriya fortress prospective tourists to this beautiful country should visit the DAMBULLA CAVE TEMPLE not far from the Sigiriya fortress, this beautiful temple is a designated heritage site and it is the largest and one of the best-preserved cave temple complex in Sri Lanka, it has many beautiful attractions spread over the caves in this beautiful complex, they include paintings, statues, and frescoes. These beautiful art attractions are related to Gautama Buddha and for all visitors to this holy ground, you would enjoy a unique fun experience emanating from the sense of beauty and reverence you get all around you in this beautiful complex.



The Ella Region


When you are in this beautiful country you should visit a wonderful region filled with amazing views, scenery, and wonderful hiking spots, this beautiful region is Ella. In this beautiful region, you can visit the little Adam's peak, Ella rock, and the famous nine arch bridge. To get here you should travel from the region of Kandy and take the iconic Kandy to Ella train. This train journey is one of the most iconic and spectacular in not only Sri Lanka but the whole world, on this journey you can treat yourself to meals, snacks and have a generally good time. As this train cruises and whines through different paths, you move through villages and tea plantations and I assure you the view on both sides of this wonderful trip would take your breath away. During this journey, you are treated to various beautiful sites and you can just marvel at the beauty of nature. Now after you get to Ella  



Little Adams Nest


After this beautiful trip, you can start your visit to this beautiful region by hiking to little Adam's nest if you want a beautiful hike, wonderful views, and an unbelievable experience I believe this is your best choice. This trail gets a little tougher as you move and it will lead you through tea plantations and other beautiful natural attractions and after you get to the peak, I assure you there can be no better place to enjoy the beauty of the sunset.


The Nine Arch Bridge


after a hike to the little Adam's peak, you should visit the nine arch bridge in Ella completely hewn out of rock and found on the Demodara loop, the nine arches make it a very beautiful spot, coupled with the beautiful scenery all around you, it is a very beautiful sport that would provide a wonderful experience for all visitors, you can also have an enjoyable culinary experience in the numerous cafes that dot this fun spot.



Yala National Park


There are numerous wonderful attractions in this beautiful island country, but a visit to Sri Lanka is not complete without a visit to the Yala national park, found in southeast Sri Lanka, this national park is home to lions, elephants, crocodiles, and many bird species, also found within are beautiful religious sites such as the sithulpawwa which is a beautiful pilgrimage site. Sri Lanka is a beautiful country and it cannot be fully explored in one article, for all fun and nature lovers there are numerous activities which would always tickle your fancy, from trips to the Diayaluma waterfall to hikes along the south coast of Sri Lanka to surf trips along the south coast which are filled with beautiful spots, an example of which is the Hikkaduwa.


The Temple of The Sacred Tooth Relic:  


You should also explore the sacred temple of the sacred tooth relic in Kandy and the beautiful city of Colombo, where there are beautiful hotel and relaxation spots where you can relax and have a wonderful time, there are also fun elephant safaris to explore and get a novel nature experience.



There are also wonderful spots where you can stay in this picturesque country from hotel Sigiriya to the Galle fort hotel to Buckingham palace and more. These wonderful hotels would ensure you have an enjoyable experience. Sri Lanka is a beautiful country with a deep heritage and a diverse culture, and I hope this article has helped provide a suitable insight for all prospective visitors, this nation is filled with heritage sites, natural attractions and hike spots, so if you are looking for a unique travel experience which would open your eyes to a new exciting culture, book that trip to Sri Lanka today and I assure you, you would come back with a unique perspective and enjoyable memories.