Best Places to visit in Tunisia

Adesua Emmanuel 15 December


Tunisia is a beautiful multicultural country found in North Africa. Blessed with numerous cultural influences, this country offers a lot to visitors, from beautiful roman ruins and historic masterpieces to antiques that detail the story of Carthage to beautiful Islamic monuments, artworks, beautiful dunes, sandy beaches and so much more. This country is also blessed with wonderful biodiversity and offers numerous attractions to all visitors. This article, therefore, aims to give an expose to these numerous attractions, from architectural masterpieces such as the el Jem amphitheater to beautiful palm-lined beaches and to surely give you a reason to visit.



Home of the mighty Phoenicians and once one of the most powerful city-states in the world, this great city was once a major rival of Rome. The ruins of this city now sit beside the sea in the suburbs of Tunis the capital of Tunisia, once a great city, it has reduced to near rubbles, but it still stands as a UNESCO heritage site and an important earmark of north Africa's history, and perhaps stands as a little remembrance to a defeated civilization that gave us many relics, the most popular of which is the oldest-known alphabet.  




This settlement is regarded as the best-preserved remains of a Roman town in north Africa, well-preserved and containing ruins of the rich impact of the Berber, Punic, Roman, and Byzantine periods in this land. A UNESCO heritage site, among its famous ruins, is mausoleums, theaters, and temples to Roman gods.  




For lovers of beautiful scenery, relaxation and perfect beachside fun, the island of Djerba is perhaps the most idyllic spot, this beautiful island has numerous palm-lined beaches which are dotted with many resorts where you can have a wonderful time, lovers of diving, sea-exploration and other water games would also have a wonderful time exploring in this beautiful island. Off the sea-side exploration, visitors can also check out the beautiful town of HOUMT SOUK which offers attractions for visitors from diners serving the best local meals to handicraft vendors selling the best souvenirs, to old districts which offer many beautiful sights at every turn there is always something for every visitor.  


The Bardo National Museum


One of Africa’s richest museums in terms of collection and the number and diversity of antiques on display, by its antiques and collections it traces Tunisia's history over several civilizations and centuries and also helps to give an insight into the beauty, struggles, and turmoil this land has experienced over time. Housed in an ancient palace, antiques include mosaics detailing the roman age, marble statues excavated from many roman sites, terracotta pieces, and also excavated Greek artworks. These beautiful art-pieces would inspire awe and wonder in all who visit and provide a rich insight into the history of this land and would help deepen your love for beauty and Africa.


El-Jem Amphitheater


Tunisia was once the breadbasket of the roman empire, and the el Jem amphitheater is perhaps the grandest ruin left from this period in Tunisia's history. This mighty amphitheater which is also a UNESCO heritage site inspires feelings of awe and splendor in all who visit, it is one of Tunisia's sightseeing relics and offers an insight into what was once was. You can take beautiful pictures, walk around the corridors below like the gladiators once did, play around in the arena and imagine the battles that once took place here, you can also check out the seating arrangement. Whatever you decide to do, be rest assured the beautiful memories of this grand masterpiece would stay with you forever.


Lake Ichkeul


For lovers of nature, beauty, and bird-watching this is perhaps the perfect holiday destination. Found about 20 kilometers to the northernmost city in Africa, this beautiful lake and its surrounding wetlands serve as a nature reserve and an important stopping-point for migratory birds, and for all avian lovers, this creates the perfect scenery.  A designated heritage site, this nature reserve provides a perfect environment for thousands of migratory birds which allows for exploration, although of recent due to the creation of dams on some of its feeder rivers this wetland is undergoing changes which may be detrimental to the migratory bird population.  


Sidi Bou Said


This picturesque settlement is a beautiful clifftop village whose beauty is best seen than imagined, it looks like something painted by an artist who aims to display quiet grandeur and perfection. With its white rooftops, colorful doors and taverns, and native Tunisian architecture at its finest, it offers so much beauty and respite for visitors. This is the perfect getaway for tourists who want to enjoy the Mediterranean ambiance, laze away, and just have fun. Some diners serve exotic local dishes, stalls filled with artisans, and beautiful alleyways which brings an appreciation of beauty and wonderful scenery.




One of Islam's most important cities, the city of Kairouan holds numerous attractions for lovers of beautiful scenery and Islamic history. A UNESCO world heritage site, this beautiful city for many years served as an important center of Sunni scholarship and learning. The Arabic architecture here would surely take your breath away, from the exotic mosque of Uqba to numerous other mini mosques, the skyline of this city is awe-inspiring. Apart from this, a visit to the back-alleys, taverns, and diners of this city medina would blow your mind away. When you visit this city old town, you feel like you have taken a portal into the past and have landed in the golden age of Islamic culture and I assure you the beauty you are exposed to is like a breath of fresh air and would provide enchanting memories.


Tunisia is a beautiful country and there is so much to explore that cannot be covered in just one article, this country holds numerous attractions but to properly enjoy them you need to be safe, therefore it is important you take safety precautions, learn about the unrest if any in the region you are visiting ahead, although largely safe some regions of Tunisia are reeling from civil unrest and effects of terrorism. You must take safety precautions to ensure you have a nice time.